share your desktop / home screen!

every forum’s gotta have one of these topics, right? share your computer’s desktop and mobile device’s home screen here! it’s always fun seeing how other people uniquely customize their devices.

i’ll start! here’s my macbook’s desktop. i’ve never liked desktop icons personally, so i’ve always kept them turned off. my wallpaper is one that i’ve created myself - you can find it (and other stuff i’ve made) at my art gallery.

and here’s my phone’s home screen. the wallpaper is the Quantum Foam wallpaper originally included with Mac OS 9, and i created the funky LCD widget using the Widgy app.


my computer desktop is literally such a mess im afraid people will yell at me for it XD but heres my phone bg! heres the actual image if u wanna look at it proper, its my own art of an OC of mine


Since about 2016 I’ve often stuck to solid color wallpapers, although I’ve made exceptions before for some periods of time. Currently I use a gray background for both my MacBook Air and my Huion tablet because it’s a mid-level amount of brightness with minimal hue, which helps me focus on the apps that I’m using as well as for any art related stuff.

MacBook (plugged into a 1440p monitor):

Huion tablet:


Here’s my current desktop!

I use open-shell and retrobar to achieve this look. Since tbh I really don’t like how microsoft made the windows 11 taskbar so big. The icon on the top-left is from a Gary Larson icon-pack made by iconfactory.

For sanity’s sake I like keeping my desktop minimal, so I limit myself to using only 1-3 icons on the desktop.

My wallpaper is an original piece I’ve made of one of my mascots. They’re the little green guy in my animated button. Used firealpaca for the sketch, and inkscape for the final version. Now that I’m talking about this piece it makes me think: “Dang I need to make something like this again.”

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Nothing spectacular for my desktop. I change the wallpaper every now and then, but rarely actually look at it. I used to spend a lot of time customizing the GUI, but now it’s just bog-standard KDE.


Just the middle monitor with my custom new tab page and an empty terminal, though there’s 1 more monitor on either side which looks more or less identical besides using different patterns for the wallpaper.

Think it’s time to change wallpaper soon


I’m currently obsessed with Metalocalypse so forgive the Valentines setup with art that very much ships middle-aged metalheads, but uh. My desktop, as well as my phone lockscreen and background.

I change up my wallpapers a lot personally. This just happens to be my current brainrot, lol.


the lcd widget is so cool! it reminds me of my beloved calculator… i want to make one for my phone too now haha

The bottom panel is set to auto hide. KDE can look like a lot of different things when you toy around with it a bit. I think KDE is a great Desktop Environment in a default configuration but I’ve always loved that you can make it look like Gnome, Windows, Mac OS, or something different all together.

My phone homescreen is pretty boring as I barely interact with my phone. So I’ll not post that.


Wow Frost your computer background and phone widget are really cool!!

Heres my laptop bg:

Featuring a heavy warm and dark filter at all times bc my eyes are very sensitive to bright/cold light.

And heres my phone bg:

As you can see I like space backgrounds (something neutral but pretty that I can keep as long as the device works) and I like keeping the main desktop clean and tidy. My actually files are much less well organized, its more of a hiding the mess in a closet situation, especially with my computer (the unnamed folder on my desktop holds all my random desktop shortcuts. my art and other pictures are spread out through a whole bunch of random folders in my documents)


Here’s my current desktop (on an iMac) - it’s a constant work in progress - the previous version is at been diggin’ my new desktop....


Just my dogs and the recycle bin.

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Just a small tweak of EndeavourOS XFCE’s desktop


Mac - latest OS - lotsa apps



Chicago95 XFCE4 theme running in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

No, seriously.

It’s a really close recreation to Windows 95 theme-wise, and it makes me feel nostalgic in some way since Windows 98 (whose looks and feel greatly resembles W95) was my first OS I’ve ever used when i was a child before my parents got a newer Windows XP computer eventually.

Here’s a few applications running atop of the desktop just for fun


My desktop is a homemade Pokemon wallpaper using a screenshot of Ash’s Pokemon League win :) I also use Nimi Places to sort everything into little folders which saves a lot of space and makes me feel less insane with the amount of shit I’m downloading :sillygoose:

I use Sidebar Diagnostics for that sidebar thingie, mostly just to make sure I’m not overheating my laptop because I have a tendency to not notice how hot it gets until it’s too late ^^"

I also used Winaero Tweaker to get my taskbar more transparent. I really prefer it like this compared to the Windows 10 default transparency settings.

My phone background is the Nintendo DS theme for Kustom that @ocean-waves recommended! I’ve tweaked it to take up the entire screen, and turned the DS Download Play icons into music control buttons! I keep tweaking and messing with it but I really like how it looks now.


I’m running swaywm with waybar on Arch Linux (btw).


I wont post my desktop since its a personal image, but I did want to share it so I’ll describe it: my partner in pajamas and my cat, both in bed hugging, squinting at me as I take a picture with the flash on. Besides the flash, it was dark since they were ready to fall asleep. Amazing image, the two creatures i love the most together in one place.

Now heres my phone home screen and blockscreen

I really love these images. I really wish I was there, with the bluest skies and sea breeze, mixed with that old videogame vibe that just tells me this place doesnt exist.

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Fellow gray wallpaper user I see.

P.S. it took me several attempts to pick the right tone of gray. This is #555555 which is the tone NeXTSTEP used before it got color graphics.


My desktop is super boring, so here is my over busy phone screen, complete with both a calendar and a to do list for me to forget to look at.