Tab & Bookmark Management

Firstly I’ve got a custom page with all my most-used or least-used-but-most-useful links on there organised into groups, and a few handy search boxes for web, image, maps, etc. I use New Tab Override (firefox) for setting that as my new tab page. You can see that in this screenshot from another thread

Then I also use TreeStyleTabs which I lean on quite heavily, right now I’m at ~200 tabs across ~15 top-level subtrees. Links opened in a new tab open as children of the active one, and any regular new tabs open as a new top-level tab, so everything is semi-automatically grouped by activity and sub-activities (or at least by websurfing session).

I’ve been using it that way for about a year now and find it much better than what I had before (Simple Tab Groups), since the whole tab tree is still visible at all times without being in the way. Much less cumbersome, much harder to forget that a certain tab or group of tabs exists.

Then my actual browser bookmarks folder is just a fav & forget dump.

As as side note, I’ve recentlyish started building a fully custom replacement for TST, which is maybe 40% done but also includes a VSCode-like fuzzy search tab switching popup:

So I’m looking forward to when that’s stable enough to use daily

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