share your desktop / home screen!

The phone screens are really cute but this is so sweet! :meow_heart1:

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This is my laptop wallpaper. I’ve had this for years. Not sure where I snagged it from, possibly a local subreddit. This is Sunset Crater, a cinder cone near Flagstaff, Arizona that last erupted around 1065-1085.

And this is my phone screen. Once again, not sure where I got this from, possibly APOD, but it’s the Bat Nebula.


heyyy we have similar vibes for our backgrounds :3 i also chose pretty space pictures

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I use Arch Linux with DWM, using a heavily modified Larbs base. I also use randomised wallpapers from my folder containing a lot of random wallpapers, mostly photos or classical art.


It’s cool to see some Linux in this thread! Here’s my boring GNOME desktop:

For some reason I still really enjoy random mountains as wallpapers, from the days of being on Mac OS X. I usually do a fresh install of my OS at the end of each year and I spend 5 minutes looking for a new mountain on stock photo websites :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Original image here)


my desktop is wayyy too cluttered to share (& odds are there’s some personally identifying information on there)…BUT: I will share the image I use as my laptop desktop background.

I used the “tile” setting so it would fill the screen.

dumb derailing thing

ngl now i’m just picturing a framed photo of that image resting on your desk:

Dumb Derailing Thing

Don’t tempt me!

BTW, I just use a default background on my mobile phone, but my lock screen is a picture of Jello Biafra during his mayoral campaign in 1979.

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My desktop and phone wallpapers aren’t anything special, so have a screenshot of my laptop running on Linux Mint. I might have to fiddle with conky soon…


I switch up the window manager theme every now and then, but this is what I got going on currently.

There’s a script available here that completely sets up this desktop from a clean Arch installation.


Nothing fancy. Just Window Maker on Slackware. Got one of the scripts I use to build my website open in Emacs.

Semi-clean desktop…


Sharing my riced lisp machine :smiley:


sway, huh?

I’m still clinging to X11 over here.

Mainly because my laptop is still a ThinkPad T60 with a GPU that Wayland won’t ever support.

Window maker is super cool though. Every now and then I see rices that make me wanna go back to Xorg haha.

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Well, my screenshots are on a desktop machine with a somewhat more modern GPU that should be Wayland-friendly, so I’m using sbopkg to install nwg-shell and give Wayland a try.

X11 has had a good run, but if Wayland is finally better on modern hardware it might be foolish of me to cling to it.

But GNU Emacs better work. That’s non-negotiable. (I could use NeoVim in a terminal, but I don’t want to.)

I’m forced to use Wayland at the minute, because x11 has (had?) some nasty bugs on newer AMD cards. But Wayland still has enough issues and immaturity problems that I hesitate to call it ‘better’ yet :sob:

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Even in the future nothing works. That line was hilarious in 1987, but it’s merely tragicomic today.

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my desktop! will likely change in a couple of weeks when spring hits. but there’s a nice rain animation that constantly plays as well. :) just trying to bring more of my brain to connecting with nature. ^^