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Managed to post my entry to this month’s blog carnival just in time! I had a lot more to say about accessibility, but part 2 will have to wait until later since I’ve been feeling quite unwell.


I made a rambling post about my observation when it came to my own art and other people through what they call “ugly”. I actually got inspired to write it through a pinterest post about letting yourself make “bad work”, with a comment thread talking about how an artist has different limits. It changed my perspective a little bit

Ugly Drawings


I need to remember this as a blog writer. If I have to come away from every blog post with a beaming sense of pride, I will simply never write because I’ll be discouraged by every time I try.

Also I did another Link of the Post :p

I’ve got a couple of new posts.

You can blame @frills for this one. It’s a response to a recent post of hers.


I was slammed with travel and family stuff during March and it feels like I’ve not done much to the website. Here’s my recap for March


My website turned 1 yesterday! I simultaneously feel like it’s been way shorter and way longer than that.

Thanks to 32bitcafe for making that year awesome!! :sparkling_heart: So glad to have found this community.


What a wondeful trip down the evolution of your homepage! I need to get off of my ass and write the words to my history page.

It’s amazing how much your website has changed over the year, I only tend to change mine up annually!

Great work @frills


I adore your history page! It was definitely an inspiration to start archiving screenshots.

And consider my website is much younger and has far less content than yours, so it’s simpler to change up at the moment. The last year I was finding my feet with my aesthetic, don’t expect it to change so much in the next 12 months (famous last words)


I enjoyed your Things to do post! I’ll look forward to your IndieWeb Carnival in September, but it also reminded me to check out the one for April and write something up to go with it.

I saw you mentioned about candidate research for your state, and encouraging voter turnout is one of my passions, so it made me happy. I figured I’d mention a resource that you may already know about:

The League of Women Voters has voting guides for each state where you can take an easy quiz to decide which candidates you want to support. It then gives you an easy cheat sheet you can print out and take with you to the polls. I use it every time I go in, and like to share it with folks who may be intimidated by the process.


Yeah, Rising Thumb is hosting this month. I’m bouncing around some ideas myself concerning the “worse is better” approach to programming and “good enough” as a way to resist both perfectionism and the never ending demands of capital on an individuals time and energy, where, instead of spending nights and weekends doing unpaid overtime to make something perfect, you act your wage, say, “fuck it; this will do” and down tools at 5:00pm every day.

Thanks for sharing this, but I’ve been using it for a while. It’s more convenient than looking up each candidate and wading through irrelevant search results.

Hey no problem! I always mention it just in case, and maybe others might find the link useful as well.

As for the IndieWeb carnival, I’m interested to see how many different interpretations there are about the theme. RisingThumb’s own post about it is different than I would have expected given the title.

I wrote this today on my lunch break. It might be a bit spicy.

Guess what board made the list?


Bashed this out tonight.

It links to and responds to somebody else’s blog.



And a bit of fluff this morning.

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Just uploaded my Weekly Wrap-Up 06 and fixed the link to last week’s post so it goes to the post and not Page Not Found. :blush:

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I made a post about the game Buckshot Roulette, and why I think people enjoy the idea of Russian Roulette

I convert everything to webp before I upload it to a webserver. I know a lot of people have strong opinions about it, but I think its mostly just resistance to change for the sake of it at this point. I know that it was really annoying when webp first came out if you were a file hoarder and suddenly you have all these weird file formats your computer doesn’t know what to do with, but that era is kind of over. Webp is just smaller file sizes.

I find it strange how in the same breath people will talk about why they don’t like Javascript because of the bloat and then serve a gallery of full size images that aren’t optimized for the web at all. This isn’t to shame people that don’t have a workflow for doing all this yet and haven’t thought about all these subjects; there is nothing wrong with that.

I just think its time for the hatred of webp to come to an end. It was a rocky transition, I agree. But its so good.


I love this call :joy: It’s so true though.