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Published a new blog post this evening after it sitting in my drafts folder for like… 2 months? Bit of a struggle to get it done; I kept feeling like it wasn’t up to snuff, but eventually realised I just needed to get it done and off my mind. Perfect is the enemy of good, after all.

Although the post is pretty Eleventy-centric, I think the technique (memoization) could be used for other static site generators or even more generic chunks of code that are called repeatedly in any given piece of software.


Did any of you guys have E/N sites back in the day? I had one around 2002, it was my first “real” website. I’d have to kill you though if I told you what it was. :P


My website is pretty much an everything/nothing site and has always been one.

It’s really hard for me these days. In the past it came naturally to just freely write about whatever. But now there is always something in my head silencing me and telling me I can’t. I’m trying with this new site to do it, but there’s always something that says, “Nah, don’t post that,” and then I don’t.

I have that voice in my head, too. Most of the time I can defy it and say, “I’m gonna post it anyway, and be damned to you!”

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I consider my website e/n these days…

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I like your list and I especially like that you didn’t make it full of impossible goals - you had a nice mix of easy-to-achieve and going-to-take-a-little-work-and-planning.

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I enjoyed your post and I especially liked this line:

My site is there for you if you want it, because I want it.


Thanks. I ended up expanding that line to, “My site is there for you if you want it, because I want it to be there.”

here’s the latest, which also functioned (sorta) as my entry for the 32bit.cafe jam: sketching with rectangles: digital tenancy in a hostile world » saturn town

a bit half-baked; maybe i’ll return to this subject later.

I uploaded my Weekly Wrap Up last night. I went on a cocktail adventure, finally finished that book and have been watching some stuff.

This column is somewhat inspired by the “Awful Link of the Day” from old Something Awful front page updates. It’s also just a convenient way to turn linking to other sites into content. :wink:

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Wrote a new blog post: Do I Contradict Myself? Very Well Then I Contradict Myself, (I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes.)


I wrote a short post on exploring the offline documentation landscape.

I’m kinda curious what people have as tips and tricks for managing offline docs. I have been someone who mostly googles for documentation, but it is quite wasteful and slow, so I def. think offline documentation is a space to explore more.


Got a long post about accessibility and the personal web.


A continuation of my previous blog post.


I wanted to thank you for helping me give another notes app a chance since I’m used to most of them were not working for me. They’re rigid and boring for someone who’s also AuDHD. I gave obsidian a go a few weeks ago and needed to get used to some things, but after that, it was magical. This blog post will help me find more features I can use for my future notes.


Based on some discussions I’ve seen online recently, I tried to make a compelling argument for including the time and timezone in Date strings with some of the pitfalls that come from not including them.

I also included a couple of JavaScript functions I use on my website for consuming and formatting Date strings as well, because, uhh, I guess why not?


My 1st anniversary on omg.lol was two days ago, so I wrote a blog post reflecting on my experience with the services and the community.