🚧 What did you do to your website today?

So… This is really not what I set out to do today but I made this envelope :joy_cat:

I’m not sure what to use it for yet… Is it too obnoxious to use for a ‘welcome’ page?


no such thing! i think it’s super fun! great job on it :)

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After many fights with CSS grid, flexbox, and floats, I’m finally happy enough with the layout to publish my 2024 monthly life log page for my website that covers personal highlights and entertainment ratings grouped by month


Weeded my links page and created a bunch of link banners for banner exchanges for my sites (there’s four of them, lol).


oh, i am dogged

i had a weird can’t-sleep night, so after waking up shortly after 3am, i implemented webmentions on my website. thanks @capjamesg for the help!

i also built a crude bash script to automatically pull the latest changes from the git repo and build my site with jekyll. finally, it looks for inbound webmentions from webmentions.io, and then sends outbound webmentions after the site is live.

the challenge here is that they’re only sent/received on site build, which is infrequent. i’ve got the aforementioned bash script on a cronjob, so it will build more frequently, but something with git hooks might be the way to go to spare the job from spinning its tires if i’m dormant for a few weeks or more. i bet daily is OK though. i saw some JS available to poll them with ajax, but that seemed undesirable for now.

i think things are working OK, so feel free to fire them away if i ever write something worth linking to. backlinks, baby

also, i changed the dark scheme colors again.


My website now has a /wish page for my wishlist.

It was a good excuse to try creating something with Flexbox, but I think I want to generate the contents from a TSV file with an awk script. Creating markup for each item is scutwork best done by the computer.


I attempted to make my button wall a little less like a wall by adding names next to the buttons. Not really sure it quite did what I wanted it to, but I’m too tired to keep playing around with it. :sleeping:


Technically not today, but I forgot to post that I changed my site’s layout.

The site

Alt color theme is green =)
Also added a link to where I got the bg (totally forgot to do that).


Looking good. I had trouble reading the footer text though!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll work on fixing that soon! :shocked:

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Great idea and I think it looks good!

I’ve also been wanting to do something with my button wall to make it less of a wall. Just not sure what to do. I like how this site wrote a little description of each site (and I realize it’s just links on their page, not buttons, but this could totally be done with buttons). And I was on another site, but can’t remember which one, where they used the title attribute to include that information.


That’s such a great way to refer to a page of random pages! I also have a catch-all section on my site but I just call it Miscellany.

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Mine are currently just sitting under “collections” as I didn’t know what else to do at the time :joy: It would prob be different if I had more main navigation menu space, like a vertical nav like I used to have…

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I did originally consider writing descriptions, but I was running on fumes yesterday and took the easy way out. Hehe. But this is a great option!

I ended up ripping out the site settings I had mentioned earlier since somebody had emailed me to say that the lag between initial rendering and application of settings was giving them migraines.

That’s too bad—I really liked the site settings that you had on your website!

For what it’s worth, I had (what I think is) the same issue on my website for a while too, but I think I’ve solved the sudden styles change from user settings being applied by moving the responsible JavaScript from the <body> to the <head> of my website.

Specifically, I have a small amount of JS that sits right below the page’s <title> (based on the recommended order from capo.js) that looks something like this:

const theme = localStorage.getItem("theme")

if (theme) {
	document.documentElement.setAttribute("data-theme", theme)

which I imagine you could extrapolate to the small handful of user settings that you had.

Of course, it might depend on how/where you were applying the user settings on your website, but because this JS acts on the <html> element (which is already parsed in the DOM when this inline script runs), by the time any stylesheets are loaded, this JS has already completed, and the appropriate CSS selectors can be applied to the page. There are probably other factors at play too, like having a split between “critical” and “deferred” CSS, that are helping prevent a sudden styles change when navigating from page to page when user settings are applied.

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I might try that again sometime. I’ve still got the stylesheet, so it shouldn’t be that hard. But I’d rather not take the chance.

I’m also thinking of ripping out FastComments. Getting too much spam.

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Perhaps some CSS transitions on the affected properties would make the transition less jarring - maybe a slow 1-2s switch.

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Thanks, but I’ve already ripped it out, and I don’t want to introduce a 1-2s delay on every page load. I want pages to load and be ready to read as quickly as possible.

Customization should be done in a user stylesheet, and browsers should make it easier for people to use their own CSS.

PS: I ripped out FastComments, too.

It looks like your site host supports server-side scripting, so that would be your best way to handle the theme in my opinion. If you use a http cookie to store the theme setting, that cookie should be sent along with any future page hits, and the server can send over the correct stylesheet based on that cookie from when the page is first loaded.

That being said, Ravenous’s approach shouldn’t be too jarring either, so long as the script which sets the body class runs immediately.

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