🚧 What did you do to your website today?

A topic for sharing website updates!

What have you done to your website today?


Outside of my website refresh I’ve not been writing so far this month but I managed to add my recent record purchases to my recordshelf page.

Four new records, Home Brew, Avantdale Bowling Club x2, and Nirvana!

this was a few days ago (been offline since then cuz i got sick :cry: ) but i posted the first in what i intend to be a semi-regular series of walk review blog posts! i also have some new members to add to my webring today. i can’t believe how big it’s gotten :^D

your recordshelf section has a ton of stuff i want to check out— i’ve never heard Aotearoan hip hop but it looks like :fire: :fire: :fire:


Today I posted On Kindness and also I figured out how to make those neat-looking gradient backgrounds so the quotes stand out from the rest of the text.

I love how busy the Transmasc webring has gotten, that’s awesome!


I’ll write a post with some recommendations some time.

I’m looking at changing up the format of the recordshelf page. Do you like how it currently looks? Is there too much information on a single page?

i ended up listening to trees by avantdale bowling club while i was tinkering witrh my site earlier, i loved it!

i like the way you have the album art displayed next to the info, and the page is overall very tidy, but it is long…maybe since you have several instances of “multiple albums from the same artist” grouping those in some way could condense the info a bit? my first thought was tabs or a collapsing/expanding list🤔

I have a reminder for myself to try to work on my website twice a week! I’ve met that goal… most of the time, I think haha.

Most recently I just uploaded the files and pages necessary for the Valentines Codejam :eyes: They’re not linked anywhere on my site though yet, I should work on that… :oops:

Managed to get through half my open tabs and bookmarked a handful.

Realised I removed a bunch of margin properties from my cards. Do I fix or wait till I roll the new version?

currently working on my site revamp; a little preview :blush:


i see christina’s world! :shocked: i want to click!

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WHAT!! i love this style of site, ive been wondering if i should make a shrine in this style for quite some time, but dont know what i would make it with… i love the dithered(???) effect you have going on!!

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thank you!! and yes its a dithered effect :D i feel like it helps put cohesion between the images (plus also just looks pretty)

but u should def do a shrine with that style!! keep me updated if u do end up doing it mhm

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Today? Probably really little minor changes but we did do a nice big update the other day which was cleaning up a section for one of our projects on our site

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Today… I didn’t do much, lol.
but I did a lot yesterday if that counts! (maybe it does considering I live a day ahead of most folks cause of timezones xD)
Yesterday I was collecting a very large catalogue of websites to add to a revamped links page! I plan on fleshing it out quite a lot and adding descriptions for each link, so much writing to get to …!

today i’m emailing the members of my webring to let them know i’ve changed domains! i also will probably keep tinkering with my new site. after that i have to go Outside (gasp) so i won’t be able to do any more innanet stuff. i might type up a new blog post while i’m out though :smile:

I stumbled upon an actual gold mine - a database of Flash games from my childhood - while searching for stuff today, so I finally added proper links to quite a few games in my video game journal.

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Today I created a Doctor Who themed text clique/club called Companions. I put my indie web mini-zine on my site too.

finished my about page essay (will prob revise it so… maybe not finished lol) and created the haute couture page :) just added pics of some of my favorite couture shows.

Managed to get most of the website ported to the latest back-end. Working on porting the API calls across now.

I set up FlatPress as a sort of bookmark/microblog/note-to-self collector on my site, and I also made /uses and /now pages.