What are your Favorite Fonts?

I love the Voltaire font, and it was used on the cover of my (out-of-print) first novel, Without Bloodshed, but it isn’t really suitable for websites because it doesn’t have bold or italic styles.

My stylesheet uses Atkinson Hyperlegible for most text if you have it installed locally. Otherwise, I use a system font stack built from fonts commonly installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

This approach doesn’t necessarily lend itself to having a distinctive visual identity, but it’s better for performance, doesn’t use as much data (which is important for mobile visitors), and blocks one vector for user tracking by avoiding the use of Google Fonts or similar providers.

I really like Atkinson Hyperlegible! I was originally thinking of just using a system font stack for my site, but I’ve been thinking I might include Atkinson Hyperlegible as a self-hosted web font for body text. Using it if the user has it installed locally is an interesting option between those…

I had thought of self-hosting that font as well, but decided against it because I don’t want to use web fonts if I can avoid it. I would rather let your browser use locally installed fonts for better performance and reduced data usage, which I consider to be important accessibility issues as well.

It was easy for me to place Atkinson Hyperlegible at the top of my default font stack so that it’s there for those who want it. If similar monospaced and serif fonts existed, I’d put them on the tops of their respective stacks, too. It doesn’t cost me anything, and if those who need these fonts have them installed locally then my site is a bit easier for them to read.

This is how I implemented my font stacks (pulling the relevant bits from my stylesheet.

:root {
  --size: medium;
  --sans-stack: 'atkinson hyperlegible', -apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont, 'avenir next', avenir, 'segoe ui', 'helvetica neue', helvetica, cantarell, ubuntu, roboto, noto, arial, sans-serif;
  --mono-stack: menlo, 'cascadia code', consolas, monaco, 'liberation mono', 'lucida console', monospace;
  --serif-stack: 'iowan old style', 'apple garamond', baskerville, 'times new roman', 'droid serif', times, 'source serif pro', serif, 'apple color emoji', 'segoe ui emoji', 'segoe ui symbol';
  --body-font: 1.2rem/1.62 var(--sans-stack);

html {
  font-size: var(--size);

body {
  font: var(--body-font);
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i havent really got the hang of using fonts yet. annoyingly enough, i can be really picky about them but also dont have a good eye for knowing which ones i like until i actually see them on my page

some of my current favorites are fontstuck extended (fontstruct page) and courier new. since fontstuck is just a pixelated version of courier new, they tend to look really good together with fontstuck being a punchy title/accent font and courier new being a paragraph/general text font

i also like arial, which is funny because around middle school i had an active aversion to it. like i would refuse to write in a document with arial as the font. i, having superior tastes (lighthearted sarcasm), preferred to use handwriting fonts with bright colors and/or highlights

a recent font i found that i like is jacquarda bastarda (fonts.google, github). it looks really cool but its not very legible so its best for aesthetic things and not anything thats actually important to read

comic sans is a semi-ironic favorite of mine. its genuinely a good font for legibility though. opendyslexic has a lot going on with it so its overwhelming to me, i think for accessibility i prefer atkinson hyperlegible, or just giving the users the ability to control the font of a site

Because it looks like the Demon’s Souls logo


i don’t know that i’d consider either of these fonts favorites, but i want to share two that i’ve been delighted by recently.

first, comic helvetic, which is meant to be a hybrid of comic sans and helvetica:

second, ouvrières, which makes each letter look like ants crawling in a line:

Click to see the bug font

(i may have to find a use for this one, hehe)


I use JetBrains Mono too! I also currently use it on my website.

Victor Mono is one of my favorite fonts because it’s one of two that I know of that has both programming ligatures and cursive italics (the other being Dank Mono). Plus, it shares my initials.


I know it’s outdated and overused, and perpetually associated with the 70’s, but Cooper Black will probably always have my heart.

Other favorites are Lobster, Fredoka One, and I’ll always love Selfish since it’s just so early 2000’s to me.

Also mentioned above, I also love Trebuchet MS and Arial MT Rounded. I’m on Linux now so I don’t get to use them often, but those will always be favorites. Helvetica is also the original classic.


The way Debian installs Microsoft’s Core Fonts for the Web (including Trebuchet MS) is pretty funny. The license only allows redistributing the EXE files as-is, so the script downloads them and uses cabextract to get the fonts out.

LOL, copyright shenanigans…


“Dadhand” is one of my favorite fonts for general casual use. I really like handwriting fonts in general; they’re just very comfortable in my opinion.

I also really like “04b03” as a pixel font; I use it on 88x31 buttons a lot!

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love to see a fellow fredoka one enjoyer!!! I was obsessed with this font at one point and was using it for eeeeverything lol. It’s so round and cute!