'links/cool websites' section / thread

as it says on the topic title. i am vaguely surprised there isn’t a ‘post cool websites or links or articles you find here’ section on the forums. i guess maybe the Media or General sections would work for that but I feel there should be a specific section for this, y’know?

would help users who are used to the old Postmill instance be able to share cool articles and non-social media links in one easy section instead of just guessing where to put it.

(or maybe there can just be a pinned ‘share your links here!’ thread? idk.)


i think a thread would be a good solution for this :shocked: but i agree! i think it could be a good source of inspiration (like what to do next or how other people made their websites) and just overall spreading positivity


A topic for sharing cool and interesting links in General would be a good start.

We could monitor the chatter for each link shared to determine if this type of activity would require it’s own sub category or individual topics.

The last thing we need is hundreds of topics with a single link and no conversation.


i’ve been meaning to post an “Inspiring Websites” thread in webweaving, but i haven’t had the time to look through some of my bookmarks and share them. i was envisioning the thread as more design/style/wow-how’d-they-do-that oriented (as opposed to eg. “This is a cool artist whose website is otherwise hosted on tumblr using a stock theme/etc”), so i thought webweaving would make sense.


ooh yeah this is a good idea for a topic! a sort of ‘HTML5 demoscene’ if you will :P

if you don’t make that thread then I honestly might, tbh :V

While I never posted anything on Discuss, I’ve subscribed to its full RSS feed and pretty much checked every link posted there.
I would like that it would be obvious where those posts should go here in Discourse, I would love to subscribe RSS feed!