Do you have a contact page, if so do you put an e-mail address on it?

As for me, I put my e-mail publicly on my site. It’s also how my guestbook page operates. I leave the issue of spam to the spam filter though I don’t get as many e-mails as I’d like. That also means I have no idea if someone’s e-mail is getting flagged.

I do this because:

  • this method doesn’t require javascript; therefore, no compatibility issues from browser versions
  • there’s no third party hosting a guestbook and collecting data on my visitors

I would try to interact with people who leave an e-mail address out more than people who only use guestbook providers. But on neocities, I find people who do the latter over the former.

Any likeminded people around?

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Right now I have an email on my Accessibility page, so folks can let me know if they’re having any issues. I haven’t put it anywhere else, but I probably should!

The rest of my site is still very bare bones, but I’m leaning towards not implementing a guestbook, contact form, or commenting. I relate a lot to your reasons; I’d rather use as little JavaScript as necessary, keeping it for more experimental pages, and avoid external scripts/services.

I like the way you have it at the bottom of your pages, and your page explaining ways to comment. Maybe I can add my email to each page…

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I have a contact page and have my email address throughout my sites. I let my email spam filter catch most things, then I read an article on CSS Tricks about it.

Someone mentioned in the comments of that about using an SVG object as an email address, so I changed most of my pages to use that.

Later, different methods being investigated on a site was mentioned in a newsletter I subscribe to, so I emailed them asking to take a look at the SVG method along with the other ways they were testing.


If you only want feedback on accessibility, you don’t have to put it on multiple pages like I do. I don’t mind using e-mail for chatter or small talk.

Your site looks new. I hope you build upon it more.


I notice a lot of elaborate ways to obfuscate an email address from spam bots, but I think they’re mostly geared towards bots that only operate at the sophistication of scrapers. I don’t think it’ll hold up against a contemporary learning language model or basic AI.

That said. I do wonder why I don’t get much spam. I can only guess:

  • spam bots don’t crawl neocities because a chunk of neocities sites don’t have semantic content (mostly art, presentation, design)

  • the admin of my email host is or used to be an amateur in dealing with malicious use, so even spambots blacklist the domain

  • society perceiving fanfiction writers to be losers to some extent, carrying over to not being economically viable enough to spam; (I don’t really mind this if that happens to be the case)

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I put it plainly on my website, on every page. Personally, I find the concerns of spam exaggerated. I believe the encouragement / love of hearing from real others vs. the fear of spam, is an easy choice to make. Do I get spam? Sure. But, lol, I find them quite entertaining too. I understand, but don’t personally subscribe to their unbridled disdain.

Email me:

I have my email on my index page, it’s my 32bit cafe email though because my normal ones use my full legal name:P i do also use a third party guestbook, though, and it gets a lot more use than my email does; probably because it’s a bit less ‘personal’ seeming…? I really don’t know tbh lmao. It makes it easier for me, because I don’t have to respond to guestbook entries (i appreciate them all, but since guestbook writers don’t get notified when I answer I typically go to the persons own contact page if I want to respond to them haha), but that’s a blessing and a curse.

As someone who’s been around the web for a little while, I feel like email spam isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be, or at least the webscrapers aren’t as bad. It’s still pretty easy to end up with endless newletters and nag emails from websites and services, but the scammers have shifted to other methods. It’s kind of funny, because I think people moved away from email due to the metric loads of junk that was filling up their inboxes, so the spammers moved away too, and now email is pretty silent by comparison.

That said, I put my email on the page as well, and the spam hasn’t been too bad. The comment forms on my blog get waaaaaay more spam, since it’s all been automated.

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Spam is overblown. Set up spamassassin or trust in your email provider’s spam protection and just generally don’t be a gullible idiot. If you’re on this part of the internet, you’re probably not gullible. I rarely get spam that passes default filters.

I do this, AND, I do it as my commenting format for my blog. See any blog post of mine as an example I.E. Writing - Blog - How do you approach understanding the universe

I don’t do this for my guestbook because why not? It’s for guests!


My email address is on every page in the page head apart from where I’ve put it in the page itself. I think the email landscape has changed a lot over the years, I’m seeing a lot less spam than I did say 10 years ago.

I still get a quite a bit of spam regarding the site, people offering to rewrite it for me, promising to get it listed as #1 site on Google, offers of guest posts I have to pay for, even people asking to be added to my old “favourite sites” links page that hasn’t been updated for 18 years. The strangest are probably the Chinese companies offering to make plastic doodahs for me I can sell.

I’ve also been on the other side. I used to help organize events and sent 10s of thousands of emails every month. Some of the decrease in spam is because mass emails are being more closely monitored by the larger email providers and if the emails are not authentiacated (DMARC or DKIM) they will go straight to the spam folder or rejected altogether.

Scrapers are fairly easy to make, even a PowerShell script can do it, combined with AI or old-fashioned fuzzy logic they are powerful tools. AI is already proving to be a double-edged sword and probably now unstoppable.

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My email is on my index page, just like the rest of my contacts. I do get spam sometimes, but it never leaves the spam folder. I’d say I don’t mind it.

I have my email address on my About page, not obfuscated. While I receive spam, it’s rare and easy to identify as such.

I sent an email. Don’t know if it’ll go through.

That’s interesting. I’d implement a comments section for each page once I have the time.

I don’t bother obfuscating my email address, and it’s on my contact page. Fastmail is generally pretty good about catching spam, and I’m not shy about setting up filters when necessary.

I have both a mailto link and a contact form on my website. However, I have noticed that the contact form gets spammed more frequently than the email address. The email address has been available online for about 20 years, so I occasionally receive cleaning service emails. I am not bothered about having the address out there as they are only used for website contact.

I have an email and a contact form that sends an email linked on my contact page. its an email I made specifically for folks online to contact me though, so I’ve posted it publicly in a few other pages as a contact method outside of whatever native messaging the site im posting it on provides. I’ve gotten a little bit of spam, but from the contents of it, nothing was from the neocities posting. I also hace a guest book, and it might seem a little redundant to have all of those things available, but I prefer having multiple options for folks even if it seems excessive

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For work I get so much email spam it’s exhausting, so I try not to fully link my email address on my websites. I either do email [at] format, or use a Letterbird contact form which has been great!

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My email is on my site, but I don’t get many emails >_< It’s very rare. It makes me sad! I don’t really get spam and if I did, it wouldn’t really be much of a bother since spam filters are pretty good nowadays


I have an email on my site, but it’s one that is specifically for social online stuff. I have a very separate one for irl business-business, as well as one that’s for everything else. Since I’ve had that one since I was under the age of 11 or so, it’s bordering on unusable. The online social one has some newsletters as the closest thing to spam, but those I regularly read so it obviously is a non-issue for me personally.

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No I do not, but then again I don’t do client work. If I did, I would probably have a contact form.
I use WordPress for my personal site so I’d probably use its plugin ecosystem.

Having a look at hosting my own PHP Mail Sender now that I’m using a Cpanel host again :stuck_out_tongue:

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