Department of Missing Badges

if you are missing any badges you feel like you should have, please list them here and a staff member will get you sorted.


Hm. I participated in one of the code jams, and in the Valentine’s Day event (but that’s not up yet).

I think I’m missing the Introduced badge somehow? Also, any idea why nobody has triggered the “First Reaction” badge yet? :thinking:

these are manual for now, and i was initially going through each event and was going to add participants that way, but it’s definitely easier this way at least when getting going :) eventually, some of these will be more automatic (outside of the events).

i’ll add the code jam & valentine’s day ones for you!

I’m missing the event participant and introduced badges! I participated in Halloween, Holidays, and Valentines events.

got you! added the events and introduced badges to your profile :)


thank you! i like your signature btw, its like a little status bar :D

thank you so much! ^^ trying to think about what might be fun to keep up xD

Oh I particpated in one event, 2023 holidays I seem to be missing badges relating to them.

Also I am somehow missing Introduced, First reaction and First Emoji. These ones are not a big deal, but I just thought it was funny

got those added on your profile! :)

i wonder if the last two might be if you do any other reaction besides the heart on someone else’s post. “first emoji” is when you use an emoji in your post for the first time! :)

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Oh I see I did put in an emoji in my introductions post, but I just saw the rest of the ones in my profile now, the emojji thing isnt too much of a big deal I’ll probably earn it anyways. Thank you tho :heart:

i’m missing sourcer, 2023 halloween, event attendee, and event participant.

i’m looking forward to the next code jam; i’ve got my eye on that code maestro title!

those have been added to your profile! we definitely need a new code jam to open up that gold badge :)

i’m missing the Code Apprentice badge :3 i need to start participating in more events…

done! thank you for letting me know.

hopefully, events will be easier to keep track of and see in the future with discourse <3

Hello! I would like to request the badges for Event Attendee, 2023 Halloween, 2023 Holidays, and Sourcer. Thanks in advance!

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I did some stuff for the resource list when it was on the discuss site! (Sourcer)


2024 Valentine’s Day

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@xandra Could I please get the Event Attendee, Event Participant, 2023 Halloween, 2023 Holidays, and 2023 Pride badges? Thanks in advance :pray:

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Hello, I participated in the Halloween event and also 2 non-holiday code jams (community code jam #1 and character code jam).

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