Why do you blog?

Hi, I was curious as to why everyone blogs or why you feel the need to! I wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts.

I’ll start. I like to have a record that I’ve existed and what I’m doing. i enjoy seeing my old thought process too… though lately I feel as though I’ve run out of things to write about haha! Which is why I wanted to ask this question to everyone.


Sometimes, I get obsessed over something and eventually find enough to write about. I do also record and catalog my life but just not in a blog format.


I have opinions, but I don’t have the good sense to keep them to myself.


Honestly I use it as a way to gather my thoughts in a more consise matter, without having to keep adding to it and spamming people with my thoughts as much as possible. I also see it as a good alternative to making youtube video essays, something I really wanna do but cant at the moment. Blogging is very accessible and direct compared to any other form of medium. From what I heard, a lot of people started out as bloggers before switching to the audio-visual format.

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I simply love to talk, and especially so when I can talk in my own personally built space.

Various other more precise reasons include:

  • When I get really excited about something (art, music, a show, a book, food) I want to talk about it.
  • I also journal, and I treat my blogging as an extension of that habit, though with more editing involved.
  • I like to use blogging to archive my thoughts in a manner that includes links and images, which is a little difficult to do in my paper journal, haha.
  • It also gives me a reason to keep my RSS feed active, and to attach a comment section to each entry, opening up my space for conversation with other people (though with some proper moderation on my part since it is my personal website where I host this).
  • My blogging is also one step in a process of me building a personal wiki, since some of the things I blog about could become more in depth topics posted to my digital garden.

I’m also full of a lot of emotions, and blogging has been a really helpful way for me to express them in a thoughtful and methodical manner.


I started blogging because I read it was good for your mental (and physical) health to! It also helps me keep track of what’s going on when, and gives me a place to ramble. The best way I can describe my relationship to my diary-style blog is like a gossipy friend. Something happens and my first thought is, “Oh just WAIT until I get home to write about THIS!”