Whats your favorite thing about your website?

I think we all have a favorite page or section that we are really proud of, or that we feel the happiest about. What’s yours?

Mine is probably a last.fm script I got from a code snippet but had to modify, that it shows what I’m currently listening to! When I’m not listening to anything it doesn’t show, so it also serves as a way to know if I’m online or not lol. It was the first time I took a code snippet and had to work with something that isn’t html


the Aesthetic™ is probably my favorite thing about mine tbh! i think it’s so pretty and it makes me happy to look at :^D

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I love all of my website and how it’s constantly growing and evolving!

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My favorite part is probably how thorough my collection pages are (I have to update them so badly they’re so out of date oh my god)!!! I love stuffed animals with all my heart and everything else on my website is just a bonus to the collection pages. I love to sort and categorize and it’s collection sites like that inspired me to learn html in the first place :)

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All the pink and frills of my site! LOL

what a lovely question!!

I honestly still love all the little hover effects on my homepage for my links and other random stuff :3

I tend to also be proud of the most recent stuff I’ve done, so at the moment that is the CSS styling for my OC page! especially their portraits at the top of the page.

Some of the javascript stuff I’ve cobbled together I’m proud of bc i struggle with javascript (ex. my music player and my gif “pauser”)

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The punk pages, a directory of useful & interesting links for punks in Ireland. I love it because

a) it took ages,
b) there’s a lot of information in there,
c) the table of contents works,
d) i was able to make lots of silly jokes in the link descriptions.

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This set of pages on obscure European Disney ephemera:

Nobody else is really writing about this. There are collectors, certainly! And you’ll find listings and some references here and there. But my website is the only comprehensive source of information. And I’m proud of that, but I wish it weren’t so.

Related is my page on Magic Café Fantasy, where you can find a bit information about it on YouTube and Facebook. But nothing really structured, and completely inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t speak Dutch.

That’s why these three are my favorite thing about my website. You can’t find this sort of stuff anywhere else, for better or for worse. And so I managed to produce exactly the sort of obsessive ramblings on niche nonsense that I so enjoy about other people’s websites. :smiley: