What non-webweaving programs do you use?

I’m thinking of things that are less along the lines of video games, and more in line with things such as mapping programs, art programs, other coding programs and general things that still are intended for the user to be able to make something new. Bonus points if you still manage to tie it back to your site!
It’s obviously also interesting if you have guides/tutorials for anyone who’s interested in getting started themselves!

Personally I’m studying geography and as such I was recently introduced to map-making programs. I am learning ArcGis at the moment and having a blast while I’m at it! They have most of the info you’d need on their own help site (which is great!), but I’ve also obviously learned a ton from the course I’m taking.
I’m hoping to get into QGis in the summer, too, so that I have a free version under my belt too. Afaik that’s supposed to have a pretty strong community, so I’m excited for what I may find!
If you’re just wanting to look at neat map-related projects I would go look at Story maps, and OpenStreetMaps. Story map alternatives is another thing I’m looking forward to exploring – especially HTML-heavy ones! With some creativity it could be a fun aspect for my website, too, in the end.


I’ve started using TinkerCad (simplified AutoCAD) to make some shapes for my art.

I use QGIS for my job (I make maps to identify areas of cropland for soil testing) and I barely even use all of the features it has! It’s really good for free software!!!

Outside of work and website, I use Photoshop and Illustrator for my print design hobby, but I’ve been meaning to switch to Affinity. I just can’t find the motivation to sit down and figure out the same but different tools.