what is the structure of your site?

I have the same internal linking scheme, but mine was crawled just fine. and. well.

it’s- it’s a lot. its also wiggling? I wasn’t aware it was meant to be wiggling. A little bit scary, but also pretty cool to see my website as a moving, breathing organism.


I put just about everything in /pages then link to it from my other pages or my microblog. /microblog is script managed, but it goes /microblog/tag/[topic]/[pagenumber]

I tried running the site-graph script on my computer. It works, but I can’t see the output. It’s just a box with a loading bar that never gets past 0%.

Jay, you and me have the same problem lol:

It’s like someone just spiked a bowl of Jello volleyball style. wiggly

They’re wiggling because the node graph is too connected, it’s why I don’t like these very web 3 animated then still ones. They can be obnoxious.

Figured it out.

run it with the --show-buttons flag, then go to the very bottom under physics and change the solver to repulsion based. That’ll solve the wiggle in our jiggle.

For fun, here’s my website using all 4 types of physics:

Needless to say, that’s a ton of pages, and it runs so slow that it’s a miracle my CPU didn’t get fried yet. I also tried using the “hierarchical layout”, but that freezes completely.

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I finally figured out how to actually use it!

What an interesting thread. It started me thinking of other ways of visualizing a website’s structure. Unless someone else knows differently there are not many ways of doing this that look good. Some have already been mentioned but here’s some ideas I had…

Indented list - Fairly common and something that I use for my own sitemap

Org Chart or Family Tree. These don’t have to be done programmatically. The family tree I made was done using the free Dia drawing program.


Useful tools for creating your own are site crawling tools like the one from Screaming Frog but I use the absolutely ancient Xenu Link Sleuth. These do not produce the graphs, but produce tables that show which pages link to the other pages.

I like your structure and how you’re organizing your site, it’s really creative!
Mine is kind of structured like an RPG/Visual Novel mashup. So each area of my site feels like a location that’s part of a sort of world of its own, and areas of the site that relate to those locations can only be found if you explore those locations. I would have liked to share a visual but probably just a lot more simple just to say it’s like a tree structure. You’ve got the parent links that’s your starting points to choose from, and depending on where you go next, you find more relating links to those areas.