What are your favorite "useless websites"?

The Useless Web is so fun to poke around.

I have my own idea for a useless site, too. When you enter, you see a simple ASCII manatee doing a snoot boop. Usually it’s a normal boop. But in rare circumstances, you might get a Double Boop (two manatees), an even rarer Triple Boop, or the rarest of all, a Rainbow Boop (rainboop?).

Except… I don’t yet know how to code things that involve probability.


I got a little carried away and forgot to save the ones I really enjoyed from that initial link. But like you, I would also like to make some toy websites, that server no other purpose but to enjoy. Once I have become comfortable enough with HTML and CSS, I will start looking into some JavaScript and see if I can come up with anything fun.

Here we go, forgot my browser history was a thing for a second :sweat_smile:

I had many of the 15 number versions of these as a kid and always enjoyed them.

Can’t beat some silly cursor effects!

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https://spinning.fish/ made by our very own @Nickolox is pretty choice. @hermit has one too but I can’t remember what it is off the top of my head.


Hey Manatee:

function getRandomInt(max) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * max);

var1 = getRandomInt(100);

// Expected output: 1 - 100

if (var1 > 66) {
else if (var1 > 33) {
  console.log("a third chance")
else {console.log("normalthing")}

Function is for the random number, if/else if/else is showing you how to set up the probabilities. console.log(“randomchancewoo”) etc would be replaced with the ASCII image you’re writing out to the page. the var1 console.log is just so if you run this in a javascript console you can see what number it’s generating and then the message you’re getting.

The Barney Fun Page!

Fun for the whole family! :grinning:


Goat is referring to another personal site of mine: https://mz-80k.com/


I’m not sure this is useless per say, but it’s pretty funny https://www.srenity.online/ (it changes every few seconds, so keep watching for a bit)


Are the 66 and 33 percentages? Like, one variable will appear 33% of the time? I barely know Javascript.

Exactly, imagine it’s a 100 sided dice rolling. When it’s greater than 66, the top one happens. When it’s greater than 33 but less than 67 the middle one happens. And if it’s not higher than 33, the last one happens.

You can change the number of sides on the dice, and the number of outcomes based one what you need.

who doesn’t love a good rotating sandwich?


the first useless website i can remember visiting is crouton.net, so it’ll always be special to me.

other favorites are pointerpointer.com and large.horse :point_up::racehorse:


Very very very very very large horse.

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large horse page lead to me reading about horse teeth :sob: apparently they have an extra type of tiny teeth called “wolf” teeth (not canines which they also have)

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+1 for crouton.net. I just laughed so much the first time someone sent me the link for it.

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WAB, which stands for “We Are Back” has a lot of classic demos from the old Amiga and Commodore days, ported to Javascript for your viewing pleasure

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Ugly avatar generator Ugly Avatar

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a classic that has existed as long as I can remember :joy:



The website I created and linked here is no longer a useless website. In fact I would say it means quite a lot to me now. I’ll be removing it from this thread but I’ll be sure to make it available!


just found this one today, might be a new favorite: meow owen, a blog written from the perspective of a curious cat <3


Ah, you’ve reminded me of: Purrli - “The Internet’s Cat”