What are you working on?

What programming projects are you working on? What languages are you learning? What problems are you solving?

For me, I’m currently working on an RSS feed generator. It will have both a web interface and a CLI. The challenging part is figuring out what elements of a webpage I want to include in the feed item, and how to parse information from pages of varying layouts.

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@yequari: Lol, I’m never going to finish it (due to my turtle pace) but I’ve been working on a p5.js (Processing, coded) art piece for a while now. What I’m sharing is 1 element (of ~5, only 2 more to go! Someday… :cry:) that the final piece will have simultaneously:

Feel free to check out the code! Lord knows I’ll have to re-learn it whenever I pick this project back up again sometime in this millennium.

Note: Hope the duplicate post doesn’t upset anyone, but this is as much a programming project as it is an art one!

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Woah that’s really neat! I love the kind of art that is possible with stuff like that, it’s both extremely structured but also gives you the freedom to express whatever your imagination can dream up

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So the “very-vent” script, is a python script meant to mitigate vent-posting online. What you do is:

  • Type the stuff you were going to vent about into a text input.
  • Then press the “post” button.

All the “post” button actually does is open a file-dialog and lets you save the file. This version saves it as a html file and then opens the file in your browser.

It’s styled to look like a mastodon post.

I was going to talk about this in the chat but decided to make it a reply instead! I Recently updated my “very-vent” python script so it’s a bit more dynamic.

  • Made the initial directory on the filedialog a variable with the command os.path.dirname(__file__) so it starts where the python file is located. (It used to be a string of my filepath. ← not dynamic.)
  • Slimmed down the code a bit so instead of having several lines of code to open the html file. It’s replaced with webbrowser.open(url) so it opens the html file in the users default browser.
  • Going to go update some other stuff and clean the script up some more. :+1:

I was working on the script that generates this static page. I got the idea because the regular followers page for neocities loads too many images,


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