We Love Kirby Club

(I’m unsure whether or not to put this in webweaving or community projects; mods, please feel free to move this if you need to!)

A long while ago, I made a Kirby fansite and then abandoned it beause I kiiiinda couldn’t come up with ideas >.<

I really want to get it started again!! :smile: What sorts of things does one put in a fansite? I’m basing it off of Kirby’s Rainbow Resort, so I want it to be similar to that. I also want to add, like, games and stuff?? Like crossword puzzles and mini JS games.

What would you guys put in a fansite? And what sorts of ideas do you guys have? Thank youuuu and have a wonderful day!!!

Back in the day, one thing I remember a lot of fansites having was PNGs with the backgrounds removed. It was mainly for folks who wanted to add images to their profiles and make their own fanart and collages.

In fact, profile icons, in 100x100 and 50x50 sizes were really popular too. I know people don’t use them as much, but I think they’re fun to have on sites.

You could also add a screenshots section–sorry I know these are all image based ideas, but that’s what keeps popping up in my head!


I think that having pictures like that would be a great idea!! Thank you!! :smile:

You’re welcome! It’ll be neat to see what you add!

things i find useful in fansites include stuff like transcripts, collections of official images/art, screenshot references, and other types of collected information like news/announcements, merch info, creator interviews, manuals or databooks, that sort of thing… plus analysis of whatever aspects of a thing the webmaster is especially interested in, rambling about headcanons or points of interest, links to favorite related works or fanworks, personal collections, fun obscure facts, reviews/overviews of niche things not a lot of people know about… translation comparisons are something i really enjoy reading! how things are translated or retranslated, what those reinterpretations suggest or change about the story/tone/characters/etc. even minor script changes are interesting i think.

i haven’t done much work on my fanpages section at all, but one of the things i have in progress is a transcript of every line my favorite character says in the game he’s in, because that’s something that doesn’t actually exist online at the moment. once i have it all collected i’m going to annotate it with my comments and rambling about characterization, minor mistakes, foreshadowing, that kind of thing.

i guess since kirby doesn’t talk that isn’t really helpful… it’d be interesting to see something about how kirby communicates, though, actually. (is he a silent protagonist that is implied to be talking, like link from legend of zelda, or one that actually does not talk, like chell from portal? is he a different type in different games? has he ever talked?)
but really i think whatever you find personally fun and interesting is the best thing to pursue for a fansite. the fun part of fansites is seeing people’s individual interests and passions shine through how they interact with their favorite things!