"Useful" RSS Feeds

So the intention for this thread (sorry, calling it a ‘topic’ still feels weird to me :sweat_smile:) is to share potentially valuable RSS feeds. Not that our personal feeds aren’t valuable but that the ones shared here serve some sort of purpose. For example, I have these feeds generated via Hacker News RSS:

Newest “digital garden”, “digital gardens”, “digital gardening”, “indieweb”, “indie web”, “old web”, “personal blog”, “personal blogs”, “personal blogging”, “personal site”, “personal sites”, “personal web”, “personal webpage”, “personal website”, “personal websites”, “small web”, “static site”, “static sites”, “static website”, “static websites”, ““webring” “webrings””, “web ring”, “web rings”, “yesterweb”

They’ve been pretty valuable (to me) at fishing up the occasional ‘Personal Web’ jewel that maybe the typical “tech bros” on there don’t appreciate; but I do.

Another one is this random / discovery service from indieblog.page. Maybe I don’t have the time to go personal site spelunking as much as I’d want, but I can totally allow this awesome project to shoot me a random post (or 3 / 5 / 10) and, at the very least, glance at their titles.

Finally, you can subscribe to Mastodon hashtags. I currently do so for ‘indieweb’ and ‘SmallWeb’.

You can probably tell what my priorities are :rofl: but what you share can be about any topic! Bring 'em on, yo!


If you want reasonably unbiased hard news, Reuters provides a variety of feeds.


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I just found Discover Comics, which curates web comics to you. Not sure if it counts, but it does serve a purpose?


I didn’t have any to share until this thread got me thinking. I wondered if the US National Weather Service might have some, and it seems they do!

I’ve added a few for hurricanes since I’m in Florida. Might be handy to know about potential storms a few days before the news starts covering them. I’m not sure which to pick (googling didn’t help me figure out what areas each “wallet” covers), so I just put a bunch in my reader. I’ll see what’s helpful when the hurricane season starts!


Found via Blue Dwarf:

“An interesting website that gives all the (weekly) news you need to stay current on what is happening in the Fediverse.”

And here’s its feed.

oh wow, this is so helpful! i live in the Caribbean so i’m always on the lookout for storm related news. i usually get their news feed from their social media but this is a very nice option to have since i started using an RSS reader pretty recently.
thanks for sharing!

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