Trying to get into web development, what got YOU into it?

I was inspired to make my website by (now goblin-heart) and their cyberspace section. There was something really cool about surfing the web and suddenly not feeling the clout-chasing, vapidness, commercial interests present on the corporate web. As if, that really was how the web was meant to be. Sadness’ site (and Yesterweb) really prioritized the making of websites at one point.

There’s no wrong way to get started. Are there things you’ll wish you knew / had considered when you started? Absolutely! Check out this thread for more of that. But you really shouldn’t let any fears of doing “wrong” keep you from getting started. “Walk the way, and the way appears.”

I use a template. When I was starting out. I didn’t feel confident enough in my abilities to believe I knew better than others. Slowly, gradually, over-time, as I’ve used my template, I’ve built up my confidence and skills and knowledge, and am now working on my very own site theme, 100% handwritten. Will it be “perfect”? Ofc not. Web development is very much art: “Never finished, only abandoned.” Except, with a personal site, you could spend your whole life tending to it. Don’t be intimidated by that. Be relieved, its a marathon, not a sprint. Go at your best pace.