The $80 Micro Center laptop

Yes, I made a 500 mile round-trip just to get a laptop. But does yours have an LTE modem?

Here it is, the Evolve III. It ships with Windows Education, but I immediately overwrote the Windows install with Xubuntu 23.04’s minimal image. I spent the ride home getting software installed, including Firefox, Strawberry (a fork of Clementine, a music player), and some other accessories.

My plan with this laptop is to put a 2GB T-Mobile SIM in it, and use it as a road warrior laptop. This thing would be perfect for adding CDs bought from a record store on the way home (as a passenger, don’t worry).

Images for proof, also showing the proof of ownership.


Adding a 2nd image since Discourse wouldn’t let me add it to the main post

Yes, the above post was sent from the laptop. Keyboard’s alright, no other notes.

Oh, it’s cute!! Love the sticker vibes~

I have a little Windows 8 convertible tablet/netbook that I’ve been wanting to install a lightweight Linux distro on, but unfortunately it’s a weirdo that makes the process really difficult. I’m a bit jealous. :smiley:

I love me a cheesy lil laptop. I have a weird 3:2 screen ratio 12 inch one. Totally useful for just carting around and using as a “road warrior” laptop (I need to mad maxify it now, thanks for that).

:thinking: I have a USB hub for my phone as well as a USB DVD-RW drive, but I’ve never tried putting them together

Oooooh it’s so cute! This is exactly the sort of non-essential project I love to mess around with. If you ever feel like posting a review of your thoughts on it, I’d love to see them!

If cheap hardware / getting the biggest bang for your buck is your jam: I can’t recommend Cheapskate’s Guide & Blue Dwarf. They’re not always on that topic, but when they are, I always find it interesting and insightful. You can search through both sites!

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in advance i apologize for mini necro but i HAD to leave a comment. for 80 dollars this seems more than decent. i loooooove the stickers you’ve put on it! honestly for casual webbrowsing you probably do not need much more!

ever since i’ve started using mech keyboards i’ve kinda became a snob. i don’t think i’d be able to go back to membrane keyboard myself, personally.

Oh I absolutely love little laptops and devices like this! I might pick one up myself! Thanks for sharing. I love the stickers and the idea to install Linux on it!