Technology initiatives towards social ideals

Spawned from discussion in the thread about Technological Literacy (see here), another thread of discussion popped up about various technology initiatives that exist to include targeted groups(women, people from poor countries, people who can’t access PCs, people of other minorities).

This also goes hand-in-hand with government initiatives to get young people into STEM generally. While this has the side effect of improving technological literacy by exposure(see previously linked thread), is this a good thing to be increasing the quantity of people like this in STEM? I know Quantity and Quality are not mutually exclusive(see the parable of the Pottery Class as told in Art and Fear)

What do people feel and think about this?
Is this sacrificing anything for the promotion of these social ideals?
Are the logical endpoints of these social ideals, useful for STEM(With regards to Feminism as a social ideal, the 4 B’s movement in South Korea can be seen as one possible conclusion- however that’s not the only social ideal with initiatives pushing for it)?
Are these social ideals relevant problems towards technology(with this I point to STEM having overrepresentation of men)?
Does the opposite problem exist for Non-STEM(in particular HUMSS(humanties and social sciences), ABM(Accountancy and Business Management) and others)?

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Locking this because “should women be in STEM?” is not a topic we will entertain here.