Hi! This is more for people that use status cafe. You can add CSS in your “about” section to change what your profile looks like. I recently made my page very pretty and I’m wondering if any of you have done the same to your pages? I’m also wondering if, like, maybe status cafe theming can become more of a thing. A lot of the profiles that I see are kind of barren? I dunno.

Anyway, I think that it’s really cool that you’re able to customize your profile like that. What other websites let you do that? That’s a bit off topic :P I’m just talkative.

Anyway! Status cafe themes! What’re yours??


I made mine match my website, but it’s not that spectacular. I love what you’ve done with yours!

(Also, big ups the standard time supremacy. We just went DST over here in Europe and I’m SO MAD. Hahaha.)


totally agree about having more themes! i’d love to see more of folks offering those. mine is only pretty because cinni was kind enough to make one!


this post inspired me to make our look nice. before i started working on it just now it only had the gradient background and everything else was as default, hehe! - j


This is mine, but I’m having the urge to redo it all haha. I love coming across status cafe pages and being pleasantly surprised with a page full of personality!


This is mine. I was inspired to make one after you mentioned @doctordizzy I got to practice a bit of CSS which was super fun. I think mine is pretty nice, albeit not eye grabbing. I do love stumbling upon some of the really nice profiles folks have created on that site.

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