Start a Forum Graphics Shop

help others in the community look their best on the forums. inspired by the old forum shops of yore, the idea here is that you create a thread including what graphics you’re willing to make for others, and in exchange, you’ll get badges that you can display on your profile.

eventually, we hope a discourse plugin to support forum currency will be implemented, but until then, this is a great way to help out your fellow community members and make the forum more visually diverse!

forum shop template

want to create your own? use this template to build your own shop by posting a new thread and don’t forget to use the graphics-shop tag!

topic name: pick a cute shop name for your graphics, but it can just be yourname’s forum shop

signatures: show examples of previous signatures you’ve made
avatars: show examples of previous avatars you’ve made
profile banner: show examples of profile banners you’ve made
user card banner: show examples of user card banners you’ve made

current orders:

  1. name: status
  2. name: status

past orders:

  1. name: completed on 2/27
  2. name: completed on 2/28

example request form

request form:
reply to the post with this form below

graphic wanted: avatar / signature / profile banner / user card banner
inspiration links:
requirements: include text you want on the image(s), what type of feel you want the image to have, etc.

forum shop rewards


Quick question: what size should a user card banner, profile banner, etc. be?