SSO database mishap; passwords reset for some users

Hey folks, unfortunately last night there was a bit of a mishap and the users database for the SSO got rolled back to two months ago.

Thankfully Discourse maintains its own user list, so your account here is not affected. And I was able to restore accounts created in the past two months that were linked here (which is likely all of them).

If you don’t use SSO, and simply log in with Discourse, this does not affect your account at all.

If you do use SSO but you haven’t made any changes since April 24th, you shouldn’t have any problems but please contact me if you do.

However, if you changed your password since April 24th, or your account was created since then, your password has been lost and you will need to change it using the “forgot password” link on

Rest assured no user data was leaked and this incident has been a wake up call to ensure backups are implemented properly in future. I’m sorry this has happened and I’m very glad it wasn’t worse.



Hello! Sorry if this is a silly question. I am not getting emails when I try to reset my password at the link provided. I tried to use my username and email to login there, to test it, and when I put either my username or my email in, it says, “Failed to authenticate”. It seems like doesn’t recognize me as a user. Do you know what this means? :meow_dead:

did you merge your discourse account with the SSO? i also forced a reset password email to be sent to your email - let me know if that didn’t work!

It did work for me! Tysm! :meow_heart1:

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