SSL Issues with Leprd

Yowdy! I’m trying to move my subdomain from neocities to, but am running into a security issue on firefox that says:

“The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,

What I did was remove my custom domain from neocities, remove the neocities DNS records from cpanel and porkbun, then add the DNS records to porkbun. I also reuploaded my site’s files to As well as used autoSSL and removed the neocities R3 SSL.

However, I’m still running into issues. When I try to access my https site, I get the security errors. And when I try to access my site’s www, I get the neocities page not found error page.

I’m flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to this DNS/SSL stuff, so I’m not sure why it’s not working when this is what I can recall doing last time to set it up?

Is this ?

If so, the SSL certifcates are valid for both the plain and www versions of the site. The certificates are provided by Let’s Encrypt.

This is from Leprd’s FAQ

AutoSSL automatically runs in the background every 24 hours to issue and renew domain-validated SSL/TLS certificates for all domains and subdomains on your account. You can also install SSL/TLS certificates manually by going to cPanel › SSL/TLS Status and clicking Run AutoSSL . For AutoSSL to be successful, the domain or subdomain must be properly pointed to our servers. To force HTTPS connections to your website, you can go to cPanel › Domains and toggle Force HTTPS Redirect .