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RSS feeds are awesome and are a critical tool for keeping up with your favorite independent websites! If you’re not familiar with RSS, take a look at Melonland’s RSS Guide to get started. If you need an RSS reader, we provide one at

My primary RSS feed is at, there are RSS feeds for all the post tags on my website as well, but those are updated much less frequently.

Share your feeds here so we can all keep up with each other’s websites! :slight_smile:


RSS just makes so much sense! My feed can be found here: just my blog posts for now. technically, it’s an atom feed, but who’s counting :-)

1 Like has the default neocities RSS feed, but i’m not a huge fan of it since i tend to update my webring and cliques more often. :cry:

but my bear blog, the library of alexandra has one that i’m happy with!


My feeds are all listed here:

Which I should probably spiff up at some point, but its convenient at least.

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:newspaper: My site’s newsletter!
:computer: My blog updates!

I host curated writings, animations, and other projects. So I have an Atom feed for all updates I make to the site.

My blog’s themes typically include: Education, Tech Lite, Life, Psychology and Journaling. But I don’t like to limit myself. Here’s the feed:

rss for blog
rss for mastodon
This one is just for major website updates, so it’s not gonna update super frequently, but that’s okay. I think that’s nicer than spamming people’s feed boxes with mini updates xP

General website feed: BinaryDigit
DJ Mixes on HearThis
Video feeds on MakerTube

My blog feed is here! It’s just a random personal blog, mostly it’s just photos of pets and nature tbh :upside_down_face:

I’ll also be adding a free aggregator/reader to my site soon because it’s hard to find one that works as expected. Everyone will be able to add their feeds to it.

My feed is here

Here it is! Feeds

I made this to keep up with you all. And yes, I shamelessly recycled this idea


Ahh, this looks like the traveller log that I saw @arevakhach share a while back somewhere else


I’ve got several, depending on what types of content you want to subscribe to. The main feed only includes posts (longer content):

And then I’ve got special feeds for all content, or only notes (shorter content) and links (links, sometimes with commentary).


All my other feeds can be found on the /feeds page on my blog.

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Most of my feeds are full text, and I use XSL so that they render as HTML in your browser.

This is my “greatest hits” feed.

All feeds are listed here.

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