Share and/or talk about desktop and app themes here

One of the things I love a lot about my experience with PC and desktops is the fact that you can customize it if you try hard enough. It can be something simple to a full blown radical change that makes people wonder if it’s the same operating system anymore.
You can also talk and share about app themes here if you want to, since WinAMP was one of my parts of my childhood and it was really sad to see theming culture just die for the most part.

I’ll start with two Linux themes I really like based on older version of Windows:
Chicago95 XFCE 4 Theme

This is a XFCE 4 theme that tries to mimic the look of Windows 95 into it, and it does a really amazing job. There are a few spots that might be a bit different due to some limitations with how XFCE works currently but otherwise it’s really damn close. I really like this one since it reminds me of Windows 98 which was the first operating system i grew up with when i was a child before my family eventually got Windows XP and eventually Windows 7 PCs.

The other theme i found that is arguably even more mindblowing is
aerothemeplasma for KDE Plasma 5

Keep in mind these photos were taken in a older screenshot of the theme in December of 2023 and apparently the theme got updated recently a few days ago, so there should be a few changes over a few things.
Still what you should expect, especially if you bring your own Microsoft fonts (the theme doesn’t come with them installed) is a surprisingly and kinda scaringly accurate recreation of the Windows 7 UI And UX in KDE Plasma 5 to the point that i could fool many people at first that this was legit Windows 7 lol.


My friend CozyBroz made a whole blog post about the Trinity Desktop Environment. Also, consider checking out the accompanying video, I thought it was pretty funny.

I used WinAMP (and WACUP) for a while, but never went back to it after resetting my laptop :((

I’ve whiled away many happy hours on the WinAMP Skins Museum. The skin I have enjoyed using the most was probably this beautiful Obi-Wan Kenobi skin.