[READ FIRST] Forum Rules

:information_source: See our Code of Conduct for all 32-Bit Cafe spaces

Last Updated: Jan/2024

  1. Everyone 18+ is welcome here. That means no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, colorism, or xenophobia. Everyone here is to be respected, regardless of your personal feelings. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Discriminatory language and “jokes” in this vein will not be tolerated.

  2. This is a SFW space. No discussions of sexual preferences, sex acts, or porn, real or fictional.

  3. No doxxing, harassment, or encouraging self-harm. Brigading anyone to cause harm or annoyance is not allowed. Even if meant as a joke, memes like “kys” are not allowed.

  4. No content depicting gore or animal cruelty. This includes live videos and visual art. Described violence via text is only allowed to be linked with a content warning.

  5. We do not tolerate trolling, elitism, gatekeeping, or disrespect toward anyone. We will not tolerate toxicity, which includes but is not limited to encouraging or inciting others to break the rules, rudeness, or stoking conflict. This can also include antisocial, manipulative, or attention-seeking behavior. Being a toxic member will result in a permanent ban.

  6. Commercial advertising is okay if you are the sole person profiting from it. This can include art and games on any platform available to artists and independent game developers, with some exceptions: Etsy, Redbubble, Steam, and other store platforms that take a cut of sales to be hosted on the platform are not allowed. This is meant to help support members of our community and promote commerce platforms that can be used on self-made websites or self-hosted entirely, regardless if they require a recurring fee to operate.

  7. Come to every discussion in good faith. All parties of a discussion or debate agree on the terms on which they engage, are honest and respectful of the other person’s dignity, follow generally-accepted norms of social interaction, and genuinely want to hear what the other person thinks and has to say. Not every discussion is a debate, and participants do not have to convince one another of anything.

  8. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt first. There are a range of backgrounds here, even some unexpected to you. Everyone has their own past, perspective, and worldview, just as you have yours. Our space is meant to be welcoming to everyone, and you likely do not have the entire context of who someone is. Let’s try to learn from each other and bring back the nuance that modern discourse is forgetting.

  9. No sharing of illegal software, including pirated or cracked software on 32-Bit Cafe platforms. This is to prevent takedowns of our platforms.

  10. Self-promotion of your projects, websites, and things you’ve worked on is encouraged as long as it’s not a commercial endeavor that would break rule #6.

  11. Doom-posting, panic-posting, or fear-mongering about the internet is not allowed. Discussions around “Big Tech” will be expected to center around “modern usage that emphasizes the small, independent web.” We invite you to redirect your energy into creating a blog post or manifesto on your website about your thoughts regarding these topics and sharing them with us. Relevant technology news can be posted on our Technology forum where in-depth, thought-out responses can take place.

  12. Our community is not a social media feed. If you’re sharing a screenshot or short-form video, there should be a very good reason or conversational context predating the share. Links, memes, or screenshots of social media like Twitter, Mastodon, YouTube or TikTok without any context or attempt to start a greater discussion will be deleted.

  13. Prevent harm in conversation and use formatting in good faith. Spoilered content should always come with a warning of what to expect underneath to prevent offense and give notice to those participating in the conversation. Strikethrough content is difficult to read for some on mobile, where users cannot highlight text on some platforms. Try to convey sarcasm or humor in a different, more inclusive way. Refrain if you can from using memes or imagery that has been associated with extremist groups (e.g. Pepe the Frog, Wojacks/“Soyjaks”).

:information_source: Outside of these forum rules, we have a sitewide Acceptable Use and Content Standards to protect ourselves and the forum from nefarious activity. Our Community Guidelines can also help navigate common online community situations where we try to handle things differently.