Other Online Communities

Early on in my journey of connecting with others online, I believe I had the good fortune of reading this post (partially quoted here):

“So my advice is to be an active member in many diverse communities across many areas of interest, don’t put all your eggs in one basket! I hope this forum adds a lot to your lives, but no single community can be your whole social world, thats not healthy for you or the community.”

“You don’t owe anything to a community; you don’t have to agree with their ideas, you don’t have to always be active, and you don’t have to partake in everything they do - being part of a community should feel casual and noncommittal; it should be fun and have little or no pressure; it should be a place where you can relax and be yourself (within the bounds of what kind of community it is)”

By Melon of MelonLand, via its forum.

This thread is for the sharing (and discussion!) of other online circles; additional places for us to, potentially, participate in.

Personally, my site’s ‘Online Communities’ page shares other sites you can find me on. And, on it, I also link to Cheapskate’s ‘A Curated List of Online Forums’.


Here’s something silly: The IndieWeb calls it a “social web map”. But, plot twist, this one’s from 2007!

Source: xfcd.com


A community I love to hang out in is the Zine Crisis Discord Server! It is, unsurprisingly, a community of zinesters~

There’s also an associated website with the Zine Idea Generator, a zine library, resources, etc. The description gives an overall vibe of what the community is like:

ZC MAG is a mutual assistance organization for and by creators of zines and small art, in conjunction with the Zine Crisis discord server. We believe that zines are for everyone, and are more necessary than ever in a creative landscape dominated by corporate art and art made for algorithms.


I’ve heard mention of snailmail/penpalling in a few of my smallweb spaces; for those of us who enjoy it I recommend Postcrossing and the forums associated with it! :D