Neocities Folders

After I create a new folder on Neocities, how do I put things in it? If, for example, I want to make a folder called “stamps” and place “molamola.png” inside it, what does that look like?

There’s two ways you can do this. I do the first option because it’s quick and simple

  1. Open the folder you made in the neocities dashboard, open your file explorer on your computer, then click and drag the file(s) you want to upload into the dashboard

  2. In the neocities dashboard with your files, open the new folder you made and click the upload button. Then choose which file(s) you want to upload and click open. Make sure you have the right folder open because you can’t move them in the dashboard

Hope this helps :3


Is there a way to move files that are already on my Neocities dashboard into the new folder? Drag-and-drop isn’t working for that.

No I don’t think you can. You’ll have to delete the existing file then upload it to the right folder. Make sure you update the file’s path, images/stamps/molamola.png, for example, in your html / css.

I really wish you could move your files around in the dash. There’s been so many times when I had to bulk delete and reupload images because of that T-T

Aw boop. Okay, thanks.

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Actually, you can move files on Neocities dashboard, just not the usual method you may expect. What you need to do to move files on Neocities dashboard is to rename your file.

When you click the “Rename” button on a file that has been put into a folder, you will notice that the pop-up shows the path of the file, not just the file name. For example, yourfolder/file.html.

If you want to move your file to a different folder, for example “yourfavourite”, you need to rename yourfolder/file.html to yourfavourite/file.html, this will tell the system you want file.html in the “yourfavourite” folder.


This might seem silly, but can you show me how that would specifically look when putting a stamp called “molamola.png” into a folder named “stamps”? My squidgy manatee brain isn’t always good at going from general to specific. Sorry. (•(°°)•)

Oh I didn’t know you could do that. Good to know!

Rename molamola.png to stamps/molamola.png.

Files tin your Neocities site root directory do not have any slashes in front of the file name when open the Rename pop-up, so if you want to move a file from your root directory into a folder, you need to rename the file by adding a folder name and slash before your file name.

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