microblog.py : static microblog generator with tags and webringing (gnu agpl)

I’ve been using my self-written generator for microblogging on neocities for a while. It’s also linked in the Webweaving resources.


  • tags and tag cloud
  • webring
  • pagination
  • config file (.toml)

vs a real microblogging service:

microblog.py is less suited for posts-as-conversation starters. It’s better for retrospection, collecting and organizing posts and notes by tag.

I’m always looking for feedback and people to add to its webring.


nice. I originally started out writing my own simple static generator in python and at some point traded it for a more established solution. I don’t think I was skilled enough to do what I wanted to do at the time I started it but it’s a great project idea.

Sometimes the eccentricities of static site generators are annoying, and you have to spend a lot of of time learning the ins and outs before you get to a point where you can truly do whatever you want.

In that respect there’s something to be said for just doing it all yourself.