Marigold Town: webhosting with a small-town vibe

Marigold Town is open for business, but wanted to make sure there was a thread here for folks who have questions, suggestions, etc., since this whole project was birthed from the 32-Bit Cafe discord!

the original post:

hi all! i have kind of a unique idea that’s in the works and need some early adopters to collaborate to showcase what can be done. is webhosting with a town theme and public-facing “storefronts,” where each website is given an iframe on the homepage like an external building’s facade. think webgardens combined into a webhost that is promoting all the sites hosted on the platform. for instance, a website that showcases someone’s favorite flowers from the pacific northwest region could be themed after a florist. a website dedicated to downloadable games could be themed after an arcade. a microsite about someone’s favorite teas could be a teahouse. a microsite dedicated to self-care could be a spa. there’s a lot of opportunity here to show how fun web-building can be. the idea is not to have someone’s main personal site on, but a site that you want to build around the theme that is updated with some regularity. (also, as an aside, i think this could be really great for artists who want to sell commissions, but we can have that discussion later. xD)


not a question or a suggestion, but an endorsement :sparkles:

my site, calendula apothecary (a tiny medieval medicine themed pixel shop desperately in need of an update), is hosted on marigold town and it’s been a great experience. i love getting emails from marty the mayor! the town theming has encouraged me to play around with making characters in a way that i don’t really do on my main site. i’m a happy resident!

come be my neighbor in marigold town! :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:


you are SO sweet to post this! really made my day :pleading: the apothecary is a stellar example of the amazing types of websites anyone can build on marigold town. you are so creative and talented!

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I personally don’t have any good way I could contribute to this, but I just wanted to say the concept behind this is super cool!

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This was such a creative idea Xandra! I host the Library at Marigold Town and Marigold Town actually inspired a lot of ideas for my own website in terms of making it feel like an actual world, and adding NPCs making the Library and my own site feel more “alive” in a sense. It kind of reminds me of browser-based games like Dappervolk. I love that vibe. :)

Looking forward to seeing Marigold Town’s web community continue to grow!

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thank you so, so much! :slight_smile:

thank you so much, aevisia! the book ring is a great concept to host on marigold town, and i love that it inspired you on your own personal site! i also really enjoy dappervolk, so that makes me happy to hear! :two_hearts:

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