Library and book management software for your website

hi all!

i’m currently using libib for cataloguing my books at home. it’s super handy since i have a barcode scanner at home (and it definitely feels like i’m playing librarian). however, i want to implement the catalogue on my website and the libib software isn’t conducive for that outside of embedding an iframe (which is not ideal).

how do you catalogue your books? do you export it somehow to your website? do you have any other suggestions for cataloguing software that can be repurposed to show your books on your website?

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We do not catalogue our books… We have a tonne of cookbooks. I have toyed with the idea of creating a central index of all the recipes with references to what page in what book they’re in, but it is lost in the backlog of life…

I have started thinking about cataloguing my X-Men comic collection, but I am unsure if Libib would be useful or if something else exists. I’ll start looking into it.

Libib provides an API. I’m unsure, without diving in, whether you can get the info you want for displaying on your website…

unfortunately, the API is paywalled which i 100% understand, but it’s clearly not meant to be a premium personal feature. the premium features are more for bookstores and libraries, and i wouldn’t find use in 90% of them. i don’t mind paying for what i use, but for the price of libib, it’s significant enough to make me pause.

@xandra the question I have for you is what is the value you get out of cataloguing with Libib? What data does it populate that you find useful and want to push to your website?

Is it the barcode scanner? Would something simple where you enter a book’s ISBN to retrieve meta data and store in a JSON file be more useful?

I catalog my Disney comics with I.N.D.U.C.K.S., and to my understanding the Grand Comics Database would be the general equivalent to that. No idea how it compares to other solutions, though. :thinking:

libib populates the title, author, and description. librarything is another cataloguing software, and i just did research to find software and settled on libib after looking at the features.

ideally, the barcode scanner is only a means to an end; it truly does just scan and pastes the ISBN into whatever text field is selected.

this would be fine, i think, if i wouldn’t have to input ISBNs manually!

My workflow for my bookshelf requires searching for the book on, copy an ISBN to paste into a Github action…

I could see this being useful for your need, just has that extra manual step of data entry :)

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LibraryThing and Tinycat are the closest I’ve come to having something like that. I’d love to have something selfhosted where I could put in an ISBN and it would auto-generate a link to Bookshop, populate the author and cover and everything, and prompt me to tag/organize/review, like a one-man Goodreads. But that’s a lot, and I’m not great at keeping up with any tracking system I’ve tried before anyway. XD

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