LF File and Image Hosting / Cloud Storage

I’m looking for different options for hosting images and files / general cloud storage and I’m reaching out to see if y’all have any suggestions! This is what I’m looking for though-

• Has direct links (end in the file extension), and having those links easy to find! Stuff like Google Drive and Dropbox don’t allow it, or require jumping through hoops to get them.
• Something easier with with GUI would also be appreciated, as they aren’t that tech savvy nor am I so CLI stuff isn’t really accessible. If it requires connect via Filezilla that is also acceptable.
• Something with accounts with ability to delete files if desired. I’m not interesting in those anonymous file hosts that keep it forever (ex: catbox)

For context, I know some folk who use imgur and dropbox/googledrive and I’m trying to help find alternatives! It’s mostly to share between folk in a smaller server of ours, so it doesn’t require an insane amount of space. At most some files are like a GB or few GB once in a while to share modpacks for games and such.

If it’s paid or something that’s fine. Hope all this makes sense and isn’t unreasonable or something.
Thank you!


Backblaze B2 is $0.006 / GB/Month over 10GB.

I strongly suggest setting up a cap on downloads.

Any service that bills bandwidth needs a cap because you don’t want to be billed thousands if somebody tries to application-layer DoS you.

Nearlyfreespeech doesn’t bill bandwidth but they charge more at $1.00 / GB/month.


It’s always cool to get download cap notifications too. You get that feeling of: “Oh, nice! Someone, somewhere found your stuff valuable enough to download”.

I would suggest using a VPS provider’s object storage like Linode’s


Essentially you pay a flat $5/mo for 250GB of storage and you get a generated URL for free to get the images from