JS Naked Day 2024

Just saw this come across my Mastodon feed!

Looks like it was inspired by the CSS Naked Day that folks were discussing (and participating in) recently.

I’m intrigued, especially since I browse with NoScript and encounter a lot of sites that don’t degrade gracefully (and fully break). But I don’t know if I can participate myself, since I don’t yet have any JavaScript to remove! :joy:


I’ll be participating in this one!

There were some interesting things to consider when prepping for the international day, e.g. because JS won’t be present but website visitors may still have JS enabled in their browsers, I’ve set up a build transform to replace <noscript> tags with their contents.

Was fun to learn why JS Naked Day is on the 24th of April: the date can be written as 4/24, and the 424 HTTP status code indicates a failed dependency. :laughing:

Similarly, CSS Naked Day takes place on the 9th of April, 4/09, representing the 409 HTTP status code, which “indicates a request conflict with the current state of the target resource”.

Oh, interesting! I haven’t used <noscript> and didn’t know that’s how it worked. Makes sense, though.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot when browsing with the NoScript extension is just how many mobile sites load with the CSS hiding the mobile menu, making it impossible to view without JavaScript. I know I made that mistake the first time I created a mobile menu, but it’s weird to see it so often.

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Bumping for visibility! :angel_smile:

JS Naked Day has begun!

There are just under 50 hours remaining in the international day of the 24th of April, so if you want to participate, remove those <script> tags, onload and onclick attributes, etc.!

This is a great exercise to undertake for your personal sites to make sure you’re applying JavaScript as a progressive enhancement wherever possible and that you aren’t making any assumptions about the browsing experience that rely on JavaScript being available.


Thanks for the bump!

Since I didn’t have anything to remove, I wrote a blog post with more details about using NoScript. It was fun!

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Again, can’t make it this year. But next year for sure! Thanks to all of you for sharing and promoting these kinds of events.

Also, friendly reminder that if your site is typically like this, consider joining the: no-js.club


My site’s been naked since last night.

And somebody linked my post on Hacker News. Better me than any of you, though. It’s a tough crowd.

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I ended up participating, just two days late :smiley: I’ve removed (almost) all of my JS from my site. The only remaining script is tinylytics.


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Nice! I haven’t looked into the details of fetching data during the Eleventy build step yet, but I’ve always really liked the idea of offloading as much as possible so JavaScript isn’t running every time someone loads a page.

Tinylitics looks intriguing… I’m currently on Netlify, and it’s a little odd having 0 numbers at all. We’ll see if I still feel that way when I get to the JavaScript stage of the site!

Yeah, fetching data in the build step is one of the most powerful SSG features in my opinion, it gives you the ability to serve dynamic data while still maintaining the speed of a fully static site. We’re not building essential services here, so having your data delayed by an hour or so isn’t a big deal. When you do get into setting it up, @fLaMEd has a bunch of excellent posts on his site on how he’s done work with APIs in Eleventy.

Tinylytics is quite nice, it’s cool to see which pages get the most visits. I’ll sign up for the paid version eventually for the more advanced features, but for now the simple page view count works for me.


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