In need of domain suggestions!

Hello! This is my first post here and I have a dilemma which I need to solve. What should my domain be?

For context, my website currently here used to be at the following domains at different points in time. I switched so often to get a high level domain like .com eventually, but due to my negligence, I lost For context, perrypal is a homage to Perry the Platypus, so I have gotten a suggestion before to make it, perrythephilosophus.[anytld] which is cool, but maybe a bit too long, not sure.

My old domains:

Right now, I have it up on, a pubnix community which has its perks, but I am thinking of buying my own domain. My budget is anything under 15 dollars USD, mostly because I want to buy more domains down the line.

Leave ANY suggestion you may have please! It can be anything as long as it has “perry” or “perrypal” in it. I am open to using a nice subdomain too, if there are public services for that, as long as it fits with my recurring theme. would be a nice simple one. It rolls off the tongue. Or, or even perry-the-platypage.

Edited to add: perryscope! Like a periscope.


i was thinking (or perryplace. whatever) too!! is also cute i think:)

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Ooooh those are some epic ones! Going to add these to my list, thanks! I think has some nice wordplay too it as well :slight_smile:

2 Likes would have been legendary, but it seems like its been taken. is on my radar now, thanks!

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If you could somehow nail a .us domain “” would be fun. Im a fan of incorporating the top level domain into the wors that make up the domain. For example i own because im a mature adult.

Edit: Dang, looks like its been taken already.