Idea for my Marigold Town "shop"

I thought of a concept for a Marigold Town space (working titles: “The Time-Hop Shop” or “To Be Continued”). One idea is for the “shop” to have examples of 70’s graphic design (such as book covers, posters, or album covers). Another idea is to collect examples of discontinued products (from any era) that contributors wish still existed. Or maybe both?

What do you think of this idea?


those both sound fun! i think the 70s graphic design one sounds a lot more focused and easier for visual theming, since it has a strong visual language associated with it already. sounds like it’d be a bit more of a solo project and not as much of an ongoing “living document” feeling, whereas the discontinued products one would be collaborative and updated with submissions once in a while. and maybe a bit more difficult to theme around, since it’s much broader.
i am personally very flaky, so i wouldn’t do anything that relied on or was heavily based on submissions from other people unless i was very certain i’d actually keep up with it, but that’s a me thing haha.

you could try doing mockups for both and see which one you enjoy working on more or have more ideas for?

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i love both ideas! i agree with @xixxii about depending on contributors, but i think you should do whatever you’re most passionate about!

i think it would be super cool to see a site dedicated to '70s graphic design, and i think putting it in a shop format would be really neat and a great use of the marigold town theming!!!

Hm, what if I upload 70s book covers and such as I encounter them “in the wild”? Like at a local bookshop, in the library, etc.

I could add a brief description of where I, a person living in the 2020s, happened to see these examples.