How do you organize your feed reader?

Like email, as your RSS subscriptions grow, they can begin to require management.

Strategies for doing so are probably worthy of discussion. Some examples:

I’ve currently been updating my feeds but haven’t really settled on a preferred approach of my own so…

I’m curious to hear other people’s feed systems!

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I’m currently subscribed to 12 feeds, most of which post once a century. I don’t.


Mostly I don’t sweat it and just browse, but there are exceptions like web comics that need to be read in order to make sense.

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I don’t have as many these days but I have a hierarchy roughly like this one:

  • Webcomics
    • Episodic
    • Serialized
    • God Tier
  • Webfiction
  • News (notifications off)
    • Tech
    • Games / Dev Blogs
    • World & Other
  • Blogs
  • Youtube (which I’m surprised even still has a working rss system)
  • Dead Feeds
  • Glitchy Feeds

The news category by far gets the most activity, nothing else updates fast enough to be a problem, so everything else has notifications left on


I use two different categories: “Awesomes” and “Extra awesomes”. Every feed is awesome (otherwise I simply wouldn’t subscribe) but the latter category is for people with which I’m personally acquainted to some extent. So I try to see what they are up to first.

Additional coping strategies includes a liberal use of “Mark all as read” whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. It’s a great way to challenge my incessant fomo :grimacing:


I am subscribed to 20-ish feeds and they are all lumped under “Personal.” Some post A LOT (like and many others post once in a blue moon.

@Nanoroar - I admire your sorting!

I like this!

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