How do you incorporate your offline life onto your site?

i’m curious and would love to see more of folks’ pages dedicated to the things they care about offline. (and, selfishly, looking for inspiration for myself as well.) i know folks here have them, so want to give an opportunity to show off!

what are some ways you showcase your hobbies and things you care about on your website? how do you bring your offline life online? do you showcase them in blog posts or prefer to make specialty pages about them?


Great topic, I think this is one of the best aspects of a personal website, showcasing your interests!

I have my bookshelf where I keep track of the books that I’ve read and the books that I want to read.

My recordshelf details my vinyl collection.

I’ve recently got my comics page going where I’m slowly updating my comic book collection.

I’ve had my gameshelf page sitting as a list of games for literal years now up until recently. It’s not done by any means but it’s a work in progress that I’ll continue working on.

I’ve setup a placeholder page for my garage where I want to eventually show my Matchbox and Hot Wheels collection.

Over on the blog I’ve got a life tag where I’ve got posts from over the years that go on about every day things.

Personal websites are a great place to express our whole selves.

Remember, a personal website that states your job title is a boring website :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an interests section, where I’ve put my favourite music (and a concert log which I plan on restructuring to be more similar to my other pages), the media I like and my travels.

And then I have my journal, which I’ve been trying to write in daily but I’ve been in such an awful mood because of my health lately that it’s mostly filled with complaint.

But I also use all of my other “reading” sections to write about myself too. I am my own favourite topic. Haha.

(EDIT: I also have a huge filtered list of the things I like, and then a less huge, but more detailed list of the things I don’t like.)


I have a bad habit of not talking much about my hobbies and interests on my website. It’s part of my autistic masking, something beaten into me as a kid even though I wasn’t diagnosed as autistic until I was in my 40s.

I’m trying to do better in my blog’s “entertainment” session.


wonderful thread! i seem to tend towards making specialty pages (not being as drawn to the blog format as some)

as an artist naturally one of my first pages was an art gallery :3 more recently ive made an OC page to go along with it. i dont make art or work with my ocs as much as i used to, but its still an important hobby of mine ^^ I also have a photo gallery for the few pictures I take that I like. a craft page cataloguing the craft projects ive made

recipe page both practical and fun. spring page for stuff about spring i enjoy (flowers, four leafs, tadpoles)

maybe one of these days ill make a page about my home improvements, to document how far its come, but im not sure, it almost feels too intimate to post online ^^;


Most of my site is about my hobbies and collections. I like writing about them and where I can will include a little bit of history or a “how to.”

I write the pages mostly for me and my wn amusement, but years ago I learned that back in 1922, when the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) was first formed, its original mission statement was to “inform, educate and entertain”.and that’s somethingI try and remember when writing.


I’m most likely going to add a page based on my posts in the DIY thread. Fun way to recollect the things I’ve restored or built!


Having my entire Pokemon collection (with some exceptions that I have been procrastinating taking photos of lmao) on my website has encouraged me to be more organized in my ‘real life’ as well, which then makes it easier to catalog things on the website, which makes it more fulfilling to organize irl… it’s a helpful cycle that really improves my wellbeing when I have the motivation to actually just. take a picture of the things I get!

I also post some personal essays and thoughts about my life in my blog, I like them a lot and feel that they give a good insight into who I am and why I’m here and whatnot.

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I feel like my online and offline lives are fairly intertwined- I post about magic, which entails things I do IRL as well as theory, and I post my art, some of which is digital and some of which is traditional media. My blog posts are often about, or at least touch on, things going on in the physical realm as well.

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