How do you handle your shrines?

I’ve been thinking of making a shrine (or a couple!), but I’m not sure how to organize it. I think shrines, from what I’ve seen, are pages that vary the most from site to site. However they all reflect the webmaster’s passion!! So I’d like to see your shrines. And tell me a bit about them!


Here are my manatee and 13th Doctor shrines. Both are perpetual works-in-progress.


I come from fansite old web and my shrines make me kinda sad because they’re so basic. But I think some quick info about the thing and why you like the thing is really all that’s “necessary”. Anything else is a nice bonus!

I have seven shrines, but they’re all fairly similar in structure so you could pick any to see how I’ve done things.


I think my most shrine like shrine is my Garfield Shrine complete with both fun graphics and information.

I have a few other “shrines” but im not sure other people would consider them shrines. I kind of ended up calling any single page thats not a guide a shrine because I’m passionate about it ^^;

My slicer shrine is about color schemes for data for an old 3D data modeling program, featuring a 3dz2 orbital modeled in various rainbow schemes.

My spring shrine is less shrine like but im not sure what else to call it or put it, but it has a very decorative theme and holds flower pictures, four leaf clovers ive found, and one year there were tadpoles in my parents pool!

My hexcode page is probably the least shrine like and more just plain informative but i think non base 10 number systems are really cool and just wanted to gush about it honestly


I have three shrines on my site (so far). I am probably doing shrines wrong but whatever.

2 of them are to ancient people who I find fascinating:

Ea-Nasir - the shiftiest of copper merchants. There’s more to his story than just the one complaint everyone hears about!

Ankhesenamun - she was the widowed queen of Tutankhamun and what fascinates me is the whole saga of her begging for help from an enemy.

The third one is more a typical shrine topic and it’s to the old school Blackberry phone.


So the way I do shrines varies from thing to thing. I consider my whole website a Pokemon shrine; that is, it’s dedicated to my love of pokemon and the stuff I have! But then there’s the other parts.

My hypnospace outlaw shrine is just styled like a hypnospace page, complete with graphics ripped from the game and a link to the game’s page.
For games, like Project Sekai and Toontown Rewritten, I include all my stats and game information! I like to be informative when I can ^^
There’s also my Hatsune Miku page, which is just a list of some of my favorite miku songs, and my My Chemical Romance shrine which is most similar to a collage. There’s a few others but those are all the ones I keep pretty up-to-date…

The main thing that distinguishes a shrine from another page on my site is the layout and styling. I style my shrine pages distinctively and try to use as many different graphic as I can. I love seeing other ways people make their shrines and what they put on there!! Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what to put on a shrine page other than “I LIKE THIS THING SO MUCH :)”