How do you display your stamps and buttons?

  • Drop-down menu with details and summary tags
  • Everything visible at once
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I’ve been rearranging my page of web stamps and listing buttons. It used to have everything visible all the time, but now there are drop-down categories for stamps, fanlistings, and webrings/directories I’m in. Not sure if I’ll keep it that way or not.

I’m absolutely a maximalist, so I’m all about throwing it all up there at once. It’s not everybody’s thing, I guess, but it works for me.

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I have 4 buttons total, so they all fit on my tiny homepage :)

for now, i have stamps and buttons incorporated into my site’s info and about page layouts, so they’re all on display. this keeps my collection (relatively) small; i swap images out instead of adding new ones. if i had a larger collection on its own page, i’d probably sort everything into expandable sections with details/summary. maybe a middle ground between all visible and all hidden would be to choose one image from each section to include in the summary as a preview of what to expect?

related note about image collections: i usually put loading="lazy" in all my image tags so they won’t load unless the visitor scrolls to the part of the page where they would be displayed. not quite as hidden as they would be if they were in a details element, but this reduces the bandwidth usage for people who aren’t interested enough in the page to keep scrolling.

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Collections of anything always ends up making a choice somewhere or other. I use a variety for my images and other information.

The list of webrings I keep starts life as a Google Sheet, and then I use their JavaScript API to display it as a table. Other charts on the site use the API as well.

The jukebox small images use Fancybox 3 to display the larger images. I stopped upgrading that because at the time they appeared to start charging for it, but it looks like v5 is free again.

My postcard collections are simple text or thumbnail indexes linked to the full size image pages.

When I was working, I used an Adobe Portfolio account to create a image albums. I chose that because I wasn’t paying for it, although template driven the pages do not look that bad, Adobe offers unlimited space for the acounts, and because Adobe does not compress the images at all except when displaying them, so it makes it a safe place to keep all the images.

There’s other ways of doing all of this, even writing your own databases and use JSON, PHP or whatever to display the info, but I didn’t want to get into all of that.

I switched back to having all the stamps visible. Also, I’m sort of torn between wanting to be minimalist, and wanting to collect lots of stamps and buttons.