How do I join a Project Team?

Joining a project team is easy! Just some things to keep in mind beforehand:

  • A project team is not an “idle” group: do not join a project team with the intent of lurking.
  • Inactivity might lead you to being removed from the group, but you can always rejoin when you’re ready!
  • You can join multiple project teams as long as you stay active within them.
  • Be sure to consider your own bandwidth before joining a project team.

To join a project team, go to the Project Teams page on Discourse. You’ll see the Request button once you have the appropriate trust level and all Ambassadors are in place. You’ll have to write a short answer to why you want to join the group, and once approved, you’ll be added to the project team.

Note: Artists do not have an Ambassador at this time, and therefore, you do not have to Request to join that group.


added a note about the technomancer and artist group :)