Happy Anniversary to 32bit.cafe!

hi everyone!

:sunglasses: though we had existed for months beforehand, it was one year ago in march that @kaylee jumped on the idea of having a website for our budding community, and we began to branch into standing on our own to help others build their own websites as a collective goal for our group. that’s always been our goal from the beginning, while having an encouraging, friendly space to commune with others about this web-building hobby that we clearly love and enjoy doing together.

:tada: in the spirit of that, we’re having another code jam for our website’s anniversary!

:confetti_ball: from march 16 to march 24, we want you to create a webpage centered around the concept of what has creating a website done for you? this is completely open to interpretation, and you can showcase how this question makes you feel in any form. we just ask that you build a page during that timeframe and submit it before the deadline! we’ll be compiling them into a zine-style reader to go through.


:raising_hand_woman: our third code jam is now up to RSVP, where you will receive a notice 1 day before the start as a helpful nudge!

:hearts: super excited to see what all of you do! thanks for being here!