Forum Performance & Speed

hello everyone!

over the past week or so, we’ve been noticing the load on the forum has taken a huge hit. 502 errors everywhere, topics timing out, chat loading slowly, etc. we’ve been monitoring things on the backend to understand and mitigate. @yequari has been doing an amazing job of investigating!

it appears our authenticator and forum software overloaded the single server they were both on, so @kaylee has moved the authenticator to her server where it was initially. i’m already noticing a huge difference! please continue to let us know if you’re experiencing more performance issues (or if it’s improved!), it does help us!

thank you to everyone who reported issues, and we appreciate your patience while we got this handled. it can be super annoying to deal with, and i appreciate y’all sticking through it. :)

big thank you again to @yequari and @kaylee for investigating, finding the issue, and executing a fix! :heart: