Favorite web hosting services?

I’m (sort of) considering making a second website. I’ve been looking at the free web hosting services on our Resource List, and I’m a little overwhelmed. Which ones do you guys like, and why?

I use Neocities, but can’t really afford to become a supporter right now.

Spin up a new email address and create a new account :exploding_head:

But it’s great to try other services. Are you looking for static or dynamic? What options are you looking for? That will help determine recommendations.

Static. Just a second personal site, for showcasing different art than I have on my first site.

I guess I could just make a second Neocities account though. I somehow never thought of that.

mine, cause i made it lol and cause it has many features most dont have (php, sql, unlimited bandwidth)


I’m using neocities for my personal site, but I build a lot of tools for games / webapps for personal use so I use Netlify a lot. It’s fantastic when you just need to throw something up and have some basic url redirection functionality available, that’s the one thing neocities doesn’t have right now that I actually need.

try free web 1.0 hosting.
There are no restrictions on file size, you can also use the built-in content management system, which contains many templates. making your own is no problem either, they are very easy to make.
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