Does anyone know of a "no javascript" webring?

I tihnk months or even last year I came across an index for a “no javascript” webring for websites that do not use javascript. But I didn’t save it. Now i have a hard time finding it again.

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Was it this one?


That’s the one. Thanks.

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Speaking of webrings and Javascript… are there ways to display webring widgets on your site without using JS?

I clicked through a webring before and found one guy just using anchor tags for the next/previous links.

Yep; the method I use is static links to the webring site which have HTTP redirects.
E.g. If Alice joins the Webring.Example webring, she makes links to https://Webring.Example/Alice/next and https://Webring.Example/Alice/previous. Webring.Example would make sure those links always have the correct HTTP redirects as Alice’s neighbours change, while Alice doesn’t need to do anything more,

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Not to be confused with this similarly named, dead one: The noJS Club

You can actually still explore the sites that were on that one here.