Displaying a webring with HTML only

I’m trying to display the Neocreatives webring without using the JS widget, the way @vivivi showed me, but I’m getting a 404 error for Previous and Next. What have I done wrong?

Here’s my code:

<p><a href = "http://neocreatives.byethost5.com/Manatee/previous">previous</a> <a href = "http://neocreatives.byethost5.com/">Neocreatives Webring</a> <a href = "http://neocreatives.byethost5.com/Manatee/next">next</a></p>
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The method I showed for joining a webring without the JS widget only works if the webring administrator has set up the redirects for those previous and next links. This is not the case with the Neocreatives webring; you will have to use JS in this case.