Community Code Jam #4 is Complete!

:raised_hands: our fourth community code jam has officially concluded, and the display page is now up for viewing! a big, big thank you to @ribose, @lostletters and the @event-planners for organizing this event! <3 this was SO much fun! everyone’s entries are SO GOOD!

:information_source: if you happened to miss the deadline but still want to turn something in, send @ribose a message and we’ll see what we can do <3

:stars: even if you didn’t submit an entry, you have a way of participating as well! over the coming days, you’ll see code jam entries display their passport stamps, which you can collect with your digital passport and display on your website! some of them are not in obvious places, so be sure to explore around each code jam entry to get your stamp! if you don’t see a stamp yet, check back later - a lot of our entries will be updated over time as well!

i hope you’re having a great weekend, and a happy midsummer to all of you!


Thank you to all the organizers! I’m glad I got to be a part of this. I had a fun time looking through everyone’s entries. This was my first 32bit cafe code jam and I look forward to joining more in the future. :pixelcat2:


I’m so looking forward to checking out all the entries! And to making a little passport on my site, that’s such a wonderful idea. :purple_heart:


Just checked out all the entries. Very nice! The passport and the stamps are such a neat idea. I will be adding the passport to my website. :slight_smile:

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yes, thank you to everybody who organized! i had a lot of fun working on my page! having a theme and a deadline is really motivating for me!

i really enjoyed looking at everybody’s sites. seeing everybody’s different takes on a theme is so fun! i like the look of dithered pictures a lot, so i was happy to see a bunch of that :D

Budget Post-Apocalyptic Travel Agency: what a fun idea! it’s a little funny that this one is the first on the list - it’s so much more action-packed than all the other vacations!! i think you did a great job capturing the travel agency feeling with the layout.

Carmen SD Travel Agency: solving the little puzzle to get the stamp was satisfying and fun! i’m a fan of websites taking the form of “places” or point and click adventure-esque environments. the short video clues were really cool!

Cottage Walk: a pleasant peaceful walk…! this is such a nice little place. the pictures were all really pretty. and i got to pat a cat, which rules! i’m looking forward to checking in later to see what the inside of the cottage is like!

Let’s take a short rest: i like that you included a bunch of different types of help/rest type of resources! i’d never heard of sammy rae & the friends before, but the EP you embedded really does have a “skipping through a summer block party in New York city during golden hour” feeling! how apt haha. the pondering orb is very pretty :)

Hiraeth: what a nice little encapsulation of a very specific feeling! it’s so interesting thinking about untranslatable concepts and seeing different ways of communicating them. i like that our pages are in the same section, since this is a similar feeling to the one i was trying to capture on my beach! in the same neighborhood, so to speak, hehe. the font you used for hiraeth is really really nice!

Fishing Minigame World Tour: i love fishing minigames, too! and none of these are games i’ve played, which made this a fun little tour! fishing in a video game can be such a nice way to sit and look at the environment, and i thought all your screencaps were very nicely framed and look good with the dithering. a nice calm bunch of spots… and the little spinny fish are so fun :)

Arizona Falls: what an interesting little spot!! i love learning a little bit about places like this. the seating area with the waterfalls looks like it would be such a nice place to sit and chat with friends and eat a popsicle… it’s so neat that the fish are used to keep the canals clear! although it does make the water a little strange to look at, since it’s so free of plants… thanks for the tour!!

YOU ARE HERE: this is so hard to describe, but i like it a lot! i love the wistful haunted feeling of old abandoned places, and this captures that so nicely. i think the snippets you wrote are really evocative and interesting! the image collection is really nice, too. kind of lonely but not in an unpleasant way at all.

Travelogue of my early internet days: it’s so nice to see a little peek into these bits of internet history! the bionicle sprite kit thing seems like such a fun thing, i’m glad someone saved your sprite sheet! you really never know what stuff ends up lasting, huh? that kidcity picture is so evocative of such a particular era, wow.

Staycation: what a nice collection of things! a lot of it new to me! i’ve actually played and enjoyed all but three of the games in your games list - good taste! what a pleasant surprise to see the barnacle goose experiment, i liked that game a lot, everest pipkin is so cool - so i’m absolutely gonna check them out! (vignettes, plant daddy, and spring falls)

now i need to decide what to do with my passport and stamps and the little souvenirs some folks made…! maybe i’ll finally set up my “collectibles” page that i’ve been meaning to do for a while.


What a lovely review!! Once a get a chance to properly explore people’s pages I’ll see if I can’t do a review too :3

my late entry (damnit kids) will continue working on it over the next couple weeks


the designs for the codejam pages are always fun to look at. nice work yall!

you guys should create a place where you can visit all the past codejam landing pages

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you can access them from the 32-bit cafe website under community, but we should probably keep a thread of past events pre-discourse! thanks for the feedback :)

Finally managed to sit down to look through the entries following the road properly, and I just have to say I am so impressed with the creativity and skills of the participants! The destinations are so fun to explore…

It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this, being quite new in the world of personal web, I am actually surprised that the web can be this!!!