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I’ve been wanting to blog more consistently. A lot of times I’ll go somewhere or watch something or whatever and think, “I should blog about that.” But then I never do because the leap from thinking of something to actually doing it is not something I’m very successful at.

I thought if I did a weekly wrap up and had a set time to post a blog, that might help with the consistency. Here’s my first Weekly Wrap-Up.

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i’m so glad you’re interested in blogging more! i can’t wait to keep up with your posts.

i cannot believe you talked about antscanada! that youtube channel has been recommended to me everytime i use the site lately - it is SO dramatic! xD super entertaining though, especially since my boyfriend is into aquariums and terrariums.

super funny story about going to the movies with your son!! i always think about that whenever i go see a movie with my parents and there’s a sex scene - it’s good to know that, on the other side, y’all are just as uncomfortable! LOL.

i hope you enjoy your vacation days :)

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Oh thanks for the reminder! I’d been meaning to go find the link for the March carnival, and here you are posting it, much obliged. Now I just need to figure out what to write about.

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How’s that project coming along?

Read your post, saw a lot of myself in it!

Have you ever thought of getting a “feature phone”? Might cut down on the addictive quality if you can’t do anything.

Lovely blog entry! I also have the ritual of making my bed every morning. Another thing I do, no matter how tired I am at night, is to clean all the dishes in the sink. Next day Divergent Rays really appreciates that!


My latest post is about perfume. :smile: Think I want to change the layout before writing the next blog post since it’s been a year and I want something new.


Thank god actually managed to finish it afterwards. It’s a short project so only really took an hour, which makes the amount of time I procrastinated on it particularly embarrassing :sweat_smile:

A feature phone… you know I never thought of it. On the one hand it sounds convenient, on the other I might need some of those missing features for stuff like school or work. I’ll consider it, thanks!

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Hello. Great to see you here. I’m still none-the-wiser about perfumes, but the idea that someone would write a blog post about perfume shopping is so fascinating to me that I clicked through. Again. It’s just so fascinating to see someone so into something that’s so far away from everything I know anything about. It’s comforting to read it, because it speaks to a world far beyond my little corner of this vast universe of ours. So much to explore, learn and become passionate about.

My latest blog post is titled My writing’s no good, I’m drinking the wrong kind of coffee and is just a short blurb about how easy it is to get caught up in doing all the wrong things.

And, as if to hammer home the point, but really entirely coincidental, I shared this short note about what happened when I opened up Finder to open an app yesterday. It didn’t go well.


Today I rambled about my troubles with dates in the Eleventy RSS plugin. I’m not sure why I had to make a filter (I’m probably missing something obvious), but at least I learned a lot!


It’s wild right? I’m not bothering with times just the dates, but year, string to ISO is a thing?

/** Converts the given date string to ISO8610 format. */
const toISOString = dateString => dayjs(dateString).toISOString();

/** Formats a date using dayjs's conventions: https://day.js.org/docs/en/display/format */
const formatDate = (date, format) => dayjs(date).format(format);

A delayed, quick Monthly Recap: February 2024

Wondering if I should start recording the books I read, and links I bookmarked during the month in these too. I see many people doing link round up posts these days. I’ve kinda been doing it with my seasonal posts, but they’re every 3 months.


Another short one from me this morning.

Where did all the grown ups go?

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a few years new. I don’t know if I managed to capture the feeling well, but at least it’s out there now and not just in my mind :slight_smile:


@PinkGallica, I really liked your perfume post! It was fun reading about the different scents. Your experience with the perfume that smells like body odor reminds me of my disappointment with 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, which is a very old scent with a lovely citrus smell - in the bottle. Once on my skin it the smell morphs into Lemon Pledge, a furniture polish.

@Lars-Christian, I feel like I’m a grown-up in a chair with no idea how I got there or what I’m supposed to be doing. Why does everyone keep looking at me like I have answers?

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Just uploaded my second Weekly Wrap Up.

I’m enjoying reading everybody’s posts. I had a go at relating to a 24 year old television show after watching it again, in full for the first time in 24 years.

Ahhh I hope this is the best place to post this. Mods, if I messed up please let me know!

I wrote about the cloud— why it doesn’t actually exists, who owns it, and it’s feels like all the big tech leaders are hyping all these dumb technologies.

I would love to get your take :slight_smile:


Well written, loved it.i think you captured the cycle of chasing the next big thing to keep a stranglehold on the market well.

The panicked demand for open sourcing things when they’re at a disadvantage followed by raising the drawbridge under the guise of security when they’re on top of at par with their peers has been par for the course for decades.

Apple did that to Microsoft by reverse engineering their document formats when Microsoft tried to make them completely incompatible with Mac software. Now they try to shut down devs doing the same thing to bring iMessage to Android.

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I wrote a little about my feelings on flow state and why I don’t always like things that trigger it. Flow State vs Fugue State

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Here’s a little something about my cats and their disregard for danger: Kitty Doesn’t Think Things Through.

I’ve been thinking about this myself, and tying it in with Black Sabbath’s “Computer God”, “2112” by Rush with its priests of the Temples of Syrinx, and how computing was originally done by buying time on mainframes to run programs submitted via stacks of punch cards and how some people seem to want to recentralize computing for their own profit. It’s not a cloud; it’s a mainframe and you don’t need to know how it works because you’re not part of the priesthood.

I should probably write about this at greater length on my own site.

Something else I should consider for a post of my own. I’m one of the “grown-ups”, but I don’t want anybody looking up to me. I have enough on my plate being the captain of my own soul; I don’t want to be admiral of anybody else’s. When my spouse was sick and needed me to take care of her, I was adulting for two and I didn’t like it. When my mother fell off a train and was crippled, I had to adult for her when my father wasn’t around even though I was still a kid myself.

If there don’t seem to be any grown-ups around, it might be because the people you expect to be grown-ups have figured out that being a grown-up sucks. Also, to paraphrase the XKCD comic, part of being a grown-up means you get to decide for yourself what that means. Nobody is obligated to be anybody else’s idea of a grown-up.



Sharing my latest blog post that I also shared in my introduction.

An excerpt

Lowered tech literacy means that users are less empowered to question and change status quo of the web. Without users understanding what is happening in their computers, how systems work, where their data goes, users can not meaningfully discern the costs of their actions- nor are they empowered to seek out alternatives.